Give me liberty or give you death!


This is America: land of the free and home of the brave. Americans aren’t perfect. Sometimes, we stink up the place. It’s home, though, and we go back to our Christian roots, the roots our forefathers planted: Washington, Jefferson, the Adamses, and so on. We go back to our Manifest Destiny, to our free enterprise and bustling commerce and industry, to our civic pride, and to our culture of liberty, and live and let live.

So to all you thugs, all you jihadists, who spew venom at us, murder people who disagree with your religion and its specific branch, and cut off the heads of hostages, and innocents, and the weak and defenseless: go fuck yourselves! We’ll never accept your ungodly, immoral, unholy, anti-human, anti-woman, anti-liberty, blood-lusting religion.  That’s “never”, as in, never. You can form as many groups as you want, under as many names – al Quaeda, ISIL, ISIS, Hezbollah, the new Nazis, the fuckwadia – as you can. It will make no difference, you hydra-headed people!

We’ll keep destroying you until you get it: we’re not interested. We want no part of your murderous, serial-killing ways. Butcher your own, if you cannot control your sickness of soul. Your volcanic, narcissistic emotions can find no place in a world of true faith and reason. No one is persuaded, and the truth is that most of the world hates you. Even your own people hate you. They are just afraid of you, too afraid to oppose and too hate-faced toward Americans to consider the evil they support.

If you have any brains, you’ll stop the terrorism, stop the beheadings, and stop sending the videos viral. They don’t make us afraid. They disgust us and anger us. They fuel the fire of our determination.

As for those American Judases who help terrorists and who become parts of terrorist organizations: your treachery deserves, and I’m sure will receive, a suitable recompense.


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