The kind of crazies who sever heads


Comes now the news that police in Oklahoma have arrested or are about to arrest a 30-year-old man who allegedly beheaded a female co-worker at a food plant. Reports state that Alton Nolen converted recently to Islam before he wielded a knife to sever the head of 54-year-old Colleen Hufford.

I am not going to bash Islam. I don’t know the reality or the depth of Mr. Nolen’s conversion. I don’t know whether any Muslims living in his area preached a ministry of decapitations, nor whether he had seen any of the bloodlusting and bloody videos uploaded by the Islamic Statists, you know, those welcome wagoneers of the Middle East.

In fact, Mr. Nolen’s motivation for the severance of Ms. Hufford may or may not have been religious or influenced by religion. It appears that the food plant company was proceeding to terminate Mr. Nolen when he decided others had to pay for his imminent loss of job.

We should ask whether a religion as practiced by many in the Middle East, with a propensity for violent murder and terror, draws like-minded killers to its cause. Why is submission to God, or some god, understood to mean a thirst for blood, a hunger for the desecration of human life?

Yes, I know, they call it “jihad” – holy war. Isn’t that just a word, though? Murder, the premeditated erasure of human life, is, by any other word, murder. You can call it jihad or holy war or justice or anything you like, anything to rationalize it, to lend some kind of credibility to its exercise. Murderers justify their slaughter when they pin blame on an entire country (the U.S.) or culture (the West) and wage a marketing campaign to paint that country and that culture as “satanic”.

The Good Lord said we know a person by his or her deeds. To be sure, no one human being or religion or institution or government or people is free from fault. We all play a role in our shared misery. But to murder – to shed blood mercilessly, calculatedly, and in a deliberate fashion designed to inflict the maximum pain and shame on a fellow human being – and to lie about it – to say God orders it or commands it or expects it – isn’t that to follow the way of the Devil?

“You belong to your father, the Devil. You will pursue the cravings of your father. From the beginning he was a murderer, and he did not reside in the truth because no truth resided in him. When he utters a falsehood, he speaks on his own. He fabricates falsehoods and is the father of it.”

Strong words from Yeshua, the messiah.

So the Devil isn’t the Devil because he was made to be the Devil. The Devil is the Devil because of what he does day in and day out. If he didn’t do those things, he wouldn’t be the Devil.

The Devil can’t stand peace and harmony, however. He can’t stand promoting human life unless he’s in charge of it.

It’s the same way with the beheaders. They can’t stand that others would live well while they have been busy creating their own misery. They want to punish everyone else except themselves. They are never guilty, only everyone else. They love themselves and hate everyone else. Anyone who disagrees with them is a reminder just how wrong they are, and they must silence!






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