A Deal with the Devil!


If a group of thugs broke into your house, and they told you they were going to kill you, rape your wife, and take your money, gun collection, valuables, and other items, would you then say, “Here, take my gun!” and then hand your weapon to them?

If your answer is, “Heck no!” or something more colorful, then you should disapprove of the president’s proposed deal with Iran. If Congress approves the deal or fails to override the president’s veto of its disapproval, the United States will be giving Iran:

1. hundreds of billions of dollars in cash and trade;
2. the capacity to make a nuclear bomb;
3. weapons through Russia and Red China;
4. the ability to evade verification by 24-day in advance notices that we are coming to inspect their compliance.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to hold Americans hostage and, with a new cash flow, can now afford to purchase new weapons, develop delivery systems for their nukes, and upgrade their military and the terrorist groups that murder innocent civilians.

If you are in favor of all that, then approve the deal!

What does the U.S. get out of this deal? The president claims we will avoid war and delay Iran’s construction of a nuclear bomb. In other words, Iran’s getting the bomb anyway. So why should we help them? Does that make sense?

The only other alternative isn’t war; we can keep applying sanctions that are ruining Iran’s economy. But let’s face it, because Iran sponsors terrorism and says they want to destroy American and Israel, sooner or later we are going to butt heads with them, with or without a treaty. The treaty won’t do squat to stop that!

In my opinion, this deal is very bad for the United States and only helps Iran and its brand of Islamic Tyranny and bloodlust. Let’s kill it!


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