Big Brother Wants to Pick Your Prez – Tell Him to Stick It in His Ear!


If you watched the Republican candidates’ debates last night, you may have noticed two things. I did.

First, Carly Fiorina stood out in the first debate. Most critics and folks acknowledge that. She spoke about domestic and foreign policy as if she knew them in detail, and she spoke precisely and forcefully. She can take on Hillary Clinton and smash her to pieces if she debates and campaigns like that all the time.

Second, the Fox News moderators, Rupert Murdoch’s experienced Dobermans, lobbed grenades at Donald Trump, if I may mix metaphors. Individually, the questions they asked him had merit. It was hard to escape a sense, though, that they were playing the role of disparagers. Their task: discredit Trump and help eliminate him from the field of Republican contenders. Why? Because the Republican kingmakers, like Murdoch, cannot own and control Trump. That means he is not beholden to them. That means he can actually support policies that help the whole country rather than a select few.

The irony is bitter for voters. We are so tired and sick of politics as usual, but every election both parties submit candidates for our consideration pre-approved by their respective illuminati. So we get McCain and Romney and Dole and Hillary and others who are just plain unacceptable. But those on the inside count on us to vote for “the lesser of two evils,” for the candidate whom they have decided deserves the next turn. If we don’t vote for their choice, we aren’t being faithful liberals or faithful conservatives, and we’re letting the other guys, the enemy, win.

No! No! No! No! You are not going to stalemate us with that crap any more! (Shame on the Fox moderators for being the sock puppets of Republican kingmakers.)

Honestly, why would any Democrat vote for such a disreputable character as Hillary Clinton, especially when you have Bernie Sanders and the fiery Elizabeth Warren. I may not agree with either one of those two, but I believe Sanders to be a person of good character, and Warren inspires me with her speeches!

And why would any Republican vote for the bland Bush, stammering Rick Perry (did you notice he forgot again last night but covered it quickly by repeating in different words the line he had just said?), or Christie and Jindal, whom people in their own states don’t even like any more?

It is NOT our jobs as voters to coronate Bush as king or Clinton as queen just because they feel they’re entitled to it. We decide!

Throw off the chains of expectation! Demand that your party give you the candidates YOU can accept, and if they won’t, find a third party. Lord knows we need one. Two isn’t enough any more, and if a third, or even a fourth or fifth party enters the fray, parties will have to form coalitions to win, and that means they won’t be able to hold on to their dear, extremist views, like it’s all or nothing, but compromise to meet the needs of a greater majority of electors.

We need rationality and pragmatism as much as we need conservative or liberal ideology.

After all, how many times have you heard a candidate, who wins 51 percent to 49, say that he now has a mandate for his view on every issue?

It’s absurd, and we must demand better.



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