Bernie Sanders Flying High… But Not on Democratic Party Radars


I don’t agree with many of the socialist ideas that Bernie Sanders says he promotes. I don’t want to diminish our military. I don’t want to do a turtle and withdraw from the world (I’d like to, but there are too many egomaniacal tyrants out there who want to wipe us out). I don’t want an endless line of citizens for a government paycheck.

That said, I believe him to be a man of passion and integrity who wants to do what he honestly believes is best for our country. Over the weekend, Sanders drew 20,000 people to his speaking engagement at an arena in Portland, with another 8 or 9,000 standing outside the arena. Impressive.

So why are insider Democrats so quick to anoint Hillary? Should the base follow blindly? Which one is the real Democrat?

He may not be as flamboyant as the Donald, but Sanders, who has been drawing large crowds, much larger than other candidates, is on the map, if not on Democratic Party radars. Maybe they should let the process sort things out instead of sorting them out before the process has been completed.



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