Trump Ejects Rude Reporter; Megyn Kelly Still Hurting


After turning off the O’Reilly Factor because Blathering Bill would not stop talking over and answering the questions he posed to his guests, I flipped on The Kelly File at the conclusion of NCIS, and there was Megyn spotlighting a Univision reporter getting kicked out of a Trump Q & A in Iowa. The Univision reporter, anchor Jorge Ramos, just like the rude talking heads at Fox, and at MSNBC for that matter, decided not to wait his turn but to speak over Trump and another reporter so he could “ask” his question.

More and more “reporters” aren’t asking questions, they are telling the people they are talking to what the deal is, instructing them in reality. That’s what Ramos was doing, arguing with Trump about immigration. Don’t call yourself a reporter if you want to push your position in a public forum. He wasn’t a reporter. He was just a partisan heckler who abused his press pass. He was an ass with a pass.

If anything, the rudeness of Univision’s Ramos spurs on the strong, negative feelings many Americans hold about illegal immigration and those who want to look the other way. What an assclown!

Ramos doesn’t represent Hispanics. That might be his audience, but as a journalist, he should be asking tough questions both ways. His job is to look out for American citizens. Clearly, he comes at the issue from only one angle.

So Kelly tries to pin the wrong on Trump. Lame, and shameless. Get over it, Megyn. Find something of substance to report.

I’m part Hispanic, and I don’t have a herd mentality. Hispanics in Latin American countries enforce tough immigration policies, so Hispanics here should not decry Americans for doing the same. It’s gross hypocrisy.


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