Trump vs. Kelly Redux, with Some Sour Ailes


Donald Trump has launched a new twitter tirade against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. The details are at CNN below:

CNN: New Trump tirade vs. Megyn Kelly

What’s interesting is that Fox News Boss Roger Ailes felt the need to counterattack Trump, a far cry from Kelly’s post-debate posture when she told her fellow moderators that she was a big girl and to let her handle him.

Clearly, that isn’t the case, and Ailes is worried that Trump’s words, particularly calling Kelly a “bimbo” in a re-tweet, could change the public’s perception of Kelly. While Trump’s design is to control how Fox News treats his candidacy, Kelly has a genuine perception problem, which is that she’s a journalist light on experience and depth, a lightweight promoted because of her looks and broadcast voice.

Frankly, I was stunned when Greta Van Susteren was removed to a pre-primtetime slot to make way for the fustian Kelly. Van Susteren deserves genuine journalistic props, but she lacks the broadcast voice and stunning female features that characterize the members of the Fox News team, evidence that supports the notion that Fox, indeed, wants news bimbos (would “news babes” be more politically correct, Roger?; I exclude Martha MacCallum from this criticism, though I confess bias).

And it is such hypocrisy for Ailes to stab at Trump when his two pitbulls, Hannity and O’Reilly, regularly demonize politicians and guests with whom they disagree, rudely talking over them so that they cannot make their points! I can’t even believe Hannity is Catholic with some of the things he says and the tone with which he says them!

So chill out, Fox. And grow up, Megyn. Take a page out of Martha MacCallum’s playbook. She’s tough and beautiful!


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