MSNBC Bozos Clown Around About Univision Anchor Ejection


It is funny how some folks rail against Fox News’ bias, as if they were the only game in town. Just a few stations down (up) the TV guide lies MSNBC, most of whose hosts bear the same biases, albeit in a different direction.

I was watching the five o’clock news hour this Wednesday evening, usually hosted, I think, by Don Lemon. Instead, some fat black cat guested and kept tossing his opinion around. He and his two interviewees built each other up in their opinion that Donald Trump (Is there no escaping his presence!?) is anti-Latino because he booted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from an Iowa Q & A and anti-woman because of his war of words with poor Megyn Kelly. Why they had a veritable Kick Trump Fest! They did declare that Trump is a bully for the way he treats the press.

Isn’t that laughable!? Donald Trump bullying those six- or seven-figure salaried big-time news reporters who claim they ask the “tough” questions! Guess they are not so tough after all!

You know what, just because you’ve labeled yourself a professional fact-finder doesn’t mean you get to be rude and must be taken out of turn because you think your question or your say is more important than anybody else’s. You don’t enjoy privilege. I know all you news anchors and reporters and talk show commentators would like to be the same as Chris Matthews, a slobbering, stuttering, stammering interrupter who stumbles over what any of his guests have to say like a drunk sotted with his own sense of self-importance. But we viewers don’t give you that privilege. It’s one you take for yourselves in spite of our disbelief at your rotten, information-muddying behavior.

Instead of letting us find out what Trump had to say, his philosophy, plan, and policy specifics, you got in the way, selfish Jorge Ramos, and made yourself the news! And guess what? I don’t care if three-quarters of Hispanics get their news from you or not. That doesn’t entitle you to be an assclown. Shut up, sit down, and wait your turn like everybody else.

And you bozos at MSNBC who are circling the wagons around Ramos’ rudeness, you look, well, bozoic! Other reporters did not act rudely. Other reporters didn’t try to talk even though someone else’s question was selected.

Furthermore, stop trying to shape my thoughts with your outlandish opinions and start reporting the facts. Don’t tell me Trump is anti-Latino or anti-woman. I’ll decide for myself!

The day I let some airhead anchor decide for me how to think is the day I drop off my intellect at the flea market. Ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.


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