The F***ed Up Five


The social engineers who want to conform your mind to their contrived standards have won. Let no so-called conservative or Republican complain ever again about the shackles of political correctness. The panelists on The Five on Fox News Channel today, Friday, Sept. 18th, have anointed themselves guardians of the mouth and mind and officially endorsed that standard today on their show. They continue to raise the banner of Fox’s indefatigable effort to discredit the outsider candidates for the Republican nomination, most particularly Donald Trump.

The Republican establishment – which The Five represent, and who owe allegiance to the member of that establishment who employs them – want Trump out for two reasons: he isn’t sufficiently ideological, particularly to let corporate greed run rampant, and 2. he’s a billionaire, so they cannot control him with their weighty financial interests as they do others, including silver spoon Jeb! Bush.

How are they trying to discredit Trump now? While asking Trump a question, a man at a rally in New Hampshire commented publicly and on the audio-video record that President Obama was a Muslim. Here is the exact quote, with the questioner’s portion bolded and Trump’s response, which occasionally overran the questioner’s comment, in italics:

“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one.”

“Right”, says Trump.

“We know he isn’t even an American. The birth certificate, man.”

“We need this question,” Trump says over the man as the man mentions the president’s birth certificate, a comment that went unfinished, with Trump adding with a chuckle, “This is the first question.”

“But, anyway, (longer pause) we have training camps growing where they want to kill us.”


“That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?”

“We are going to be looking at a lot of different things and, you know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.”

Trump then points as if to another person in the crowd to signal him to ask a question. I watched the video at the link below:

So what The Five and the other political pea shooters wanted to focus on in a question with vital ramifications was what they called Trump’s failure to correct the questioner about the president’s religious persuasion and country of birth.

Guess what? It’s not his job to correct them. They are the voters, and if they want to operate under certain beliefs, that is their business.

Secondly and more importantly, in regard to religious persuasion, Trump has no business – nor does any other candidate or anyone else – affirming that Obama is a Christian or is not a Muslim. Actions speak louder than words, and Jesus Christ, the Bethlehem-born Jew, said you would know your brothers and sisters in Christ by their fruits, i.e., their deeds.

If, in the opinion of some electors, Obama has failed to meet that standard, to convince voters by his behavior and speech that he is a Christian, that is his problem. Trump, and certainly not Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie, is not qualified to make that determination for another person. What testimony can he offer to prove Obama’s Christianity? Has not Obama himself called into question his own beliefs by his actions, attending a church in which the minister regularly spouted racial bigotry, advocated violence, and spat profane and filthy language?

That is only one case. People could interpret several actions by the president that help to create a sense that he is a closet Muslim, including the Iran deal, in which radical Islamic Iran, long identified as a state sponsor of terrorism, gets a package of benefits and the American people get… nothing; the trading of five terrorists for the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, whose desertion got Americans killed; cooking the intelligence books to give the impression that terrorism in the Middle East has diminished; lashing Christians for a war fought against Muslim aggression, what, eight centuries ago! Meanwhile, Muslims across the globe continue to blow up people, rape women, rape and murder children, destroy childhoods, and mass murder Christians, yet the president seems unable or unwilling to say the phrase “radical Islamic terrorists.”

So when an American voter says he believes Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian, that’s the sense he has, and he has a right to hold it. Trump would be out of line correcting him

Do alternative answers exist that could explain at least some of the above-listed actions. Yes. In fact, each one may be explained individually, some by national security concerns, etc. And it is possible those national security interests prevent the president from providing a detailed or even sufficient account to satisfy voters.

However, the voters have to make up their own minds. Lashing Christians for an eight century old war against Muslims may have seemed to the president a way to balance perspectives for the Middle East context, but at best, it was weak and obsolete and catered to the Muslims’ superannuated “crusader” mindset. Coming off his attendance at a questionable “church”, the admonition created resentment among people trying to protect their loved ones in an age of bloodthirsty Islamic terrorism.

And it isn’t Trump’s job to defend Obama’s birth certificate. Let the president do it. He has huge government and party apparatuses. Better yet, let the facts speak for themselves. If a candidate or a voter wants to hang on to the notion that Obama was not born in these United States, then let the facts speak against him. The Five’s attack on Trump represents another piling on to a candidate that threatens the party’s establishment.

That said, voters aren’t the only ones who imagine that Obama brings a non-American intellectual influence to the native political conversation. If memory serves me correctly, Forbes or Fortune did a detailed analysis of the influence Obama’s Kenyan father had on the president’s political and economic philosophy. That and similar analyses and perceptions may not have the visceral effect and factual defect of the questioner’s expression on Obama’s birth certificate, but they say something very similar: we don’t trust the guy because of his outside influences.

It is precisely those influences, and the actions and statements Obama himself has made, that give voters the feel that he is not as American as they are, that he is acting more like a foreigner, that he places Islamic interests first and American interests second or third. Take offense at that, ridicule it, whatever, but in this time of religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural tumult, such impressions can hardly be unexpected. The American voters, at least on the conservative or Republican side, are telling the party they are not happy with the way things are and the direction in which the country is going. Ridiculing, writing off, and ignoring their disquiet and agitation will only make matters worse.

Political correction, aided and abetted by political bias and corporate puppetry, overran the reason of the members of The Five, with Kimberly Guilfoyle possibly excepted. She seemed to say at one point that we should be talking about terrorism and its dangers and effects rather than how Trump fielded a man’s question. Greg Gutfeld, who can be funny but who is perhaps the most stringent party establishment man of the group, incapable of flexibility or pragmatism, and a sock puppet for the conservative string-pullers, came down particularly hard on Trump – for the second day in a row – because of his (Gutfeld’s) distinct incapacity to break through superficiality.

They all wanted to see Trump get bashed by the “Ten”, and they were awash in glee at the barrage he received. He took it like a man, and, ironically, Trump actually said one of the few novel things of the night, demonstrating again his perspicacity, when he remarked that North Korea was being ignored, even though they HAVE a nuclear weapon, the capacity to deliver it, and regularly threaten to do so.

So The Five joins the rest of the mainstream media in political correction because it behooves their political motives to do so. NPR and the Associated Press trumpeted with a headline that spoke about Trump’s failure to stifle “bigotry” or a “bigoted comment”, something like that, but I see that they have apparently removed it. Imagine a reporter and/or his editor creating such an opinionated headline! It happens all the time today. Now The Five have joined their ilk.

I hope Trump continues to speak his mind and to put the oily, superficially charming politicians to shame. I have never been much of a Jeb Bush fan, but I am now thoroughly convinced he is the wimpy, silver-spooned boy who gets his ten friends together to go with him to teach a lesson to the boy who insulted his girlfriend by ganging up on him. What a punk! Trump had nothing to apologize for, and I am glad he didn’t. And Jeb inserted his wife into the political debate ages ago. He wants the benefit of using her Hispanic-ness but none of the drawbacks. Live with it! If your wife cannot take the heat of a campaign by now, then you should bow out instead of wimpily demanding an apology. Get over yourself, silver spoon! You deserve worse for backtracking on your brother anyway.

Shame on The Five for their disingenuous journalism and commentary! I hope the river keeps flowing the way it has been, and that all your establishment candidates continue to see their campaigns shipwrecked.

The American people must be heard, acknowledged, and deferred to, because it is their voice that counts, not the voice of the party elites and their puppets.


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