Sundry Notes on the Pope, the President, the Donald, Dr. Carson, Mind Control, Tim Tebow, and Legion Field


Here are some short takes on sundry items on the news:

The president’s guest list for the Pope:   The president pokes the predominant and representative Christian religion in the world, the Catholic Church, in the eye with his guest list, which includes a bunch of prelates and theologians who stridently disagree with the Christian Catholic faith and want to shove their circus shows down people’s throats. If I were the Pope, I would just bypass the White House and converse with the faithful, who need uplifting and sound, sober teaching, especially in light of this country’s failed economic and foreign policies and dispiriting secularism, not the jabbering of a president who attended a “church” that preached violence and hate.

Calling Donald Trump’s not correcting a questioner’s comments a “failure”:   Don’t ever believe the media isn’t egregiously biased, including unfair and imbalanced Fox News. When they report that Trump “failed” to correct a questioner’s comments about Muslims and the president’s place of birth, you can see it for yourself. Who says Trump “failed”? By what standard? Why does Trump have a responsibility to correct the questioner? Let Fox and the other crony networks correct the questioner instead of funnel us to the political conclusions they want us to reach. See next item.

Muslims want Dr. Carson to drop out of the presidential primary race:   Dr. Carson said he would not want a Muslim to be the leader of the United States. I wouldn’t either. Their culture and religious beliefs are toxic and contradict our own Christian and cultural beliefs. Some pundits like to throw out that there is some moral prohibition to holding a man’s religion against him. How can a voter not consider the totality of a man’s beliefs? If you believe that people should convert to Islam or be killed, don’t you think that’s important to know, and don’t you think you would vote against a man who believed that?

And isn’t it funny how the two poll leaders in the Republican primary are being attacked right and left? Any chance the Republican establishment will keep squealing about Trump and Carson and whomever else they don’t want to win the nomination? You can see Bush standing in the shadows, calling in all the favors he can, wielding his wads of tens of millions in cash, plotting how to get rid of anyone in his path. He has little to offer, so he must work with his establishment friends to make sure an acceptable, Washington insider, establishment approved, same ole same ole candidate gets the nomination.

Don’t be controlled. See beyond. Make them accept the candidate YOU want.

Scott Walker:   Walker ended his quest for the presidency Monday. Good riddance. While he was around, he was bought and paid for by the Inner Powers. Hearing anyone, but especially himself, laud his support for the “hard working man” elicits derisive laughter. Do you mean like the teachers you crushed? Was wiping away their negotiating power supportive of teacher workers? How free is the market when only one side has the power to control everything? Like Bush, he likes to have ten guys around him when he goes to fight one guy. Bullies! They are utterly sickening!

Ideology:   Don’t let ideology alone determine your vote. And don’t let the insiders tell you what conservatism or liberalism or anything else is or has to be. You are the rank-and-file of any movement or party. You determine the ideology. Seek someone who promotes good, wise policies that benefit the most Americans, a balance between the need to profit and the need to do the right thing. Party platforms aren’t static. They change over time. Nothing has to stay the same.

The fat cats will always try to get inside your mind, take it over with nonstop marketing and advertising, and keep it in their intellectual dungeon. They want you to support the policies they want by getting you to think those policies equate to patriotism and love of liberty. They aim the other barrel of their shotgun at the people and policies they need to smear because those policies, if they were enacted, would prevent their unrestrained greed and self enlargement at the expense of the middle and lower classes. The battleground is your mind. Do not fall for their strategy and tactics. Safeguard your intellectual distinction and integrity.

Tim Tebow:   The sports world is abuzz with the possibility that a couple of teams who lost their starting quarterbacks to injury may reach out to Tim Tebow as a backup or possible starter. After demonstrating effectiveness and improved passing form and completion rate during the preseason, Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly unceremoniously dumped Tebow – after praising him over and over in camp – saying he wasn’t good enough to be the Eagles third-string quarterback. Kelly brought in Jacksonville Jaguars castoff Stephen Morris to be the third. A few days later, Kelly dumped Morris. Then he brought in Thaddeus Lewis. Never heard of him. Who knows whether he’ll last. I’m just trying to understand how any coach thinks these guys are better than a QB with a proven, NFL winning record, including a playoff victory against the best pass defense in the league in 2011.

Amazing. Meanwhile, the quarterbacks Kelly did keep aren’t doing the job, and Kelly himself is talking about evaluating everyone, including starting QB Sam Bradford. So what was the purpose of training camp and the preseason?

What’s really astonishing is the vehemence and repetitiveness of the anti-Tebow commenters to stories of Tebow’s possible acquisition by the Bears or the Cowboys, or by some Eagles commenters. They loudly trumpet that Tebow is no good, not an NFL quarterback, can’t play quarterback, etc. How do they know? They don’t. They just repeat the things they have heard sports bozos say over and over again. Even funnier, they acknowledge how bad their own teams are or how bad their backup QBs are, but persist in thinking that bringing in a proven winner would create disaster! So Brandon Weeden, who bombed in quarterback-starved Cleveland, will take the reins in Dallas, and Jimmy Clausen, whom I like but who boasts a 1-10 record in games he started, will take over for the Bears. I will tell you one thing: Jay Cutler will never win a Super Bowl. In fact, he will never get to an NFC Championship game and probably not even the playoffs. And Peyton Manning will never win another Super Bowl. So Elway can keep searching for his miracle man. I think he already had him.

Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama:   This stadium has been the second home of the Alabama Crimson Tide for years and hosted the U.S. Women’s National Team Victory Tour friendly soccer game against Haiti on Sunday, which our girls won, 8-0. As great as the USWNT is and plays, Legion Field stunk! It’s an old, decrepit looking stadium with a shoddy artificial field, off-color scoreboard monitor, worn scoreboard, high school-like concessions, lighting towers that are highly corroded and look as if they could collapse at any moment, a dumpy, high school-like dirt and gravel parking lot, no accommodation for shuttle buses – just a thoroughly, shockingly ugly and old giant gray shanty of a stadium!

I cannot believe Alabama, a team of great pride and accomplishment, ever plays at such a dirty, ramshackle facility. Shame on the city of Birmingham! Shame!


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