Beware the Mind Manipulators, and the Murderers


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States until the government can get a handle on the why of the terrorist problem and the what and how of the solution. Trump’s proposal came in the wake of another Islamic mass murder of innocents, this time in San Bernardino, California.

The proposal would not affect Muslims who are American citizens. It would affect only those who want to migrate here or visit here for one period of time or another.

Since his announcement, Trump has been bullied by Republicans and Democrats alike. Party “leaders” have been spitting every acidic slander and insult at him that they could find in their bags of tricks to smear his reputation, subvert his candidacy, and, most vitally, funnel and control the way you and I – average citizens – think.

They – the elitists and their minions of both parties – ordain that we shall think only within the boundaries THEY set. If we disobey, we are chastised and shunned, as Trump has been, and branded un-American by their hissingly hot irons of political correctness.

Whether or not you agree with Trump’s plan, you should vehemently reject the criticism of the elitists. They are supposed to be responding to “we the people”. We are not supposed to jump when they bark their intellectual and moral commands!

Trump is actually quite astute – and I do not mean in a shrewd, political sense – because he perceives that Islam’s culture and ideology clash with our American thinking, based largely on Christianity and rationalism. He sees this dissonance has long gone unaddressed amid the platitude that Islam is a “peaceful religion”. It is time to face the truth and to strike down the perverted objections of his detractors. The truth to be faced is that the Quran, or Koran, the holy book for the followers of Muhammed, whom Muslims believe to be a prophet, espouses vicious, bloody violence against all unbelievers, in particular Christians and Jews.

Worse, the Quran teaches Muslims to believe that Muhammed spoke for God, whom they call Allah, and that God Himself is calling on Muslims to wage bloody war against all non-Muslims, in some cases describing gruesome acts to be perpetrated even on women and children.

Jesus may have had Muslims in mind, as he had had Jews, when he said these words in John 16:2, “They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.”

How different are Christianity and Islam! In Christianity, Jesus gives up his life to pay the penalties for each and every sinner. In Islam, one group of sinners passes judgment on and gruesomely murders another group of sinners, allegedly for God. That is forbidden in the New Testament (see the story of the adulteress in John).

How long will our leaders cover up this clash of thinking and feeling, and the murderous animus inherent in Islam?

For those who want to know more about the verses of violence in the Quran, go to the search engine Duckduckgo, type in “verses of violence in the Quran”, or Koran, and click. You will find a wealth of material, some of it good, some of it not. Some verses may refer to this life, some to the next, some to both. Some may be figurative; others, not. The state of mind engendered by these verses, however, seems nothing short of sadistic.

Islam comes across as a religion of victimization. The mere existence of Christians and Jews is an affront to God and a persecution of Muslims. Therefore, they must be wiped out or extorted of huge sums of money, living out their days in silence and fear.

Frankly, it baffles me why any Muslim would want to come to the United States or go to any European country. Oh, that’s right: life is better here, and there, and opportunity greater, thanks to our Christian and rationalistic roots. Many Muslims want to eradicate that and establish “sharia law”, an angry, retributive, bloody, disfiguring system of rule. I cannot understand why any decent, reasonable person would desire any intercourse with such a system.

So when Trump seeks a ban on the entry of foreign Muslims to the United States, his motivation is to protect his fellow American citizens. Trump isn’t being intolerant of Islam; he’s being intolerant of one element of it: the notion and tenet that it’s okay to murder men, women, and children in the most gruesome ways because they are infidels. He has seen their murderous rampages here and abroad, and he wants to eliminate, as much as is possible, the risk of more loss of life until he can secure our borders. He does not oppose Islam per se: he has stated he enjoys friendships with many Muslims and does business with many Muslims. He is not willing to put American lives at risk, however, by failing to acknowledge  that there is a problem in their ideology that must be addressed.

Murder cannot be an accepted tenet of Islam, not if you want to live in these United States. It must be utterly rejected. That means that Muslims must reject the Quranic teaching that killing infidels is a just or holy act. It isn’t. It is ungodly and evil. That is not a religious test; it is a civil test. That is the law of our land. If you want a different law, go live somewhere else and create a malignant, hateful society. You can spill all the blood you want in your own house.

Please don’t listen to the self-righteous proclaim that interfering with a religion represents an un-American value. We made Mormons abandon their four-wives belief when there was actually a case in that instance for not doing so. Our law forces stormed the Waco compound of the Branch Davidians! No defense exists for the notion that sawing off someone’s head or blowing up someone into a thousand pieces is a righteous act because the murderer thinks God doesn’t like the victim. There is absolutely nothing morally wrong with preventing such a person or group of people from entering the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Is it unconstitutional to ban a group because of their religious beliefs? No, not if the group’s religious beliefs call for the murder of Americans who do not hold those same religious beliefs. We keep hearing about religion not being a test for public office. Well, we aren’t talking about public office. In fact, we aren’t even talking about American citizens. We are talking about foreigners who believe murder is a good thing.

In fact, it is those who hold to the perverted belief that murder of infidels is good and holy and comes from God who are making religion a test of whether an American citizen lives or not!

What is constitutional is providing for the defense of our citizens and for the welfare of those citizens. What is constitutional for the legislative and executive branches to perform, and that is backed up by statutory law, is the control of immigration for the benefit and safety of the country.

It is the height of hypocrisy for people, usually Democrats, to call for a full or partial ban on gun ownership, something constitutionally guaranteed, while saying it’s unconstitutional to ban the group of people who accept the murder of infidels as holy and lawful. And keep in mind it’s a temporary ban.

To recap the mind manipulation and word abuse so far, the manipulators want you to believe that it is unconstitutional to ban a group of people who believe in murder based on the source book for their beliefs. Wrong (although who can figure out the mystery of the supreme court, which has validated slavery, the murder of pre-born children, and the personhood of corporations – get that: a corporation is a person but a human being in the womb isn’t!)!

They want you to believe Donald Trump is a bigot, and that you are, too, if you agree with him. Wrong! The only thing he is intolerant of – the only thing Trump is extremely intolerant of – is the slaughter of Americans.

They want you to believe that by proposing a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the United States that Trump is helping the vanguard of Islam, ISIS, recruit more members. This statement has been parroted dozens, if not hundreds, of times. The thinking is that such a proposal ignites the sense that the United States is engaged in a war on Islam.

I have no doubt that many actions our country takes are twisted around and used by ISIS to lure recruits. I get it. But really? We aren’t going to act in defense of our citizens because Muslims are going to scream bloody murder? So ISIS hasn’t recruited anyone the last few years, right? They have never said we are in a war with them? Better, we have never said we are in a war with them? Why, Jeb Bush is running all kinds of negative ads declaring we are in a war with them. ISIS is Muslim. Muslims get their belief in holy murder from the Quran. The verses are there.

Granted, as in any religion, including Christianity and Judaism, there are many nominal and casual believers in Islam, many who don’t know or understand the Quran and who just want to live their lives, and some who could probably care less. However, it’s part of their culture, which is another dimension to the problem. People may not believe in a religion or practice it meaningfully, but they are loathe to abandon it, and to betray it and the family members, friends, and neighbors who do live it, because the religion is so intricately woven into their culture and experience. People go with what they know.

Whether our use of a travel and migration ban on foreign Muslims is used by ISIS as part of a recruiting pitch should not determine whether or not we employ it to make our citizens safer by reducing the likelihood of a domestic attack. We are – finally – beginning to bomb the crap out of them. I am sure that serves as a much stronger indicator of how we feel and is used by them to scream their sales pitch to kill the Great Satan.

Think of the spiritual and practical implications of that statement from believers of Islam: “The United States is the Great Satan.”

If the members of ISIS want to say the United States is in a war with Islam, so be it; Muslims have already said that they are. We ARE  at war (or should be, intellectually and spiritually, and, if necessary, militarily) with the notion that murdering infidels is righteous and lawful and holy and comes from the mouth of God.

The jackbooted thugs of political correctness, even as they lob one slanderous broadside after another at those who disagree with them, calling them racists, bigots, fascists, xenophobes, and the like, assert that it is morally wrong to criticize flawed belief systems and proffer commonsense proposals like Trump’s temporary ban that would protect Americans. It will anger Muslims and help their recruiting.

That’s kind of like saying, “Don’t say bad things about the Nazis. It will anger them, and they will use it to recruit more people into the Nazi Party.”

Is it a coincidence that at least some Muslim leaders admire Adolf Hitler and do not have a problem with the evil he perpetrated during World War II, in some cases even claiming it never happened?

One must question the motives of the elitists, and their horde of minions whom they directed into verbal assaults on Trump. The motive remains simple: they elitists – the insiders – want THEIR candidate nominated regardless of what the average citizen thinks and feels. It’s the same ole same ole so they can control. That means what you want gets trampled. Now that’s fascism: controlling the media and the message  and the means so you think what they want you to think. That determines the outcome.

If Trump or Cruz or Paul gets the nomination, that will make it very tough on the elitists. It would mean you, the citizen, would have a much stronger and louder say. The big brotherism from the party that supposedly stands for individual freedom nauseates the rational person.

Most sickening of all is the elitist criticism that Trump is pandering to fear, an accusation from his Democrat and Republican slanderers. Yet the very nature of THEIR accusation is… pandering to fear! The country will become fascist if you elect Donald Trump! The Muslim murderers will recruit more murderers and murder more! The constitution will be violated if you protect American citizens! The land will be filled with un-Americanness!

Paul Ryan says Muslims overseas embrace plurality and democracy. In what countries might those Muslims be? Iran? Yemen? Somalia? Syria? Sudan? Niger? Saudi Arabia? Ha!

Jeb Bush denigrates Trump, and every Republican candidate but himself, in a recent ad, violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment, because he’s only in single digits in poll percentages. Ha! How could one vote for Bush’s slump-shouldered self and silver-spoon face? Look at Trump’s broad shoulders and his face lined with experience and savvy! Bush is the gangly, buck-toothed youth throwing paper wads at the barrel-chested man. Oh! The lesson that will be taught!

Lindsey Graham shouts that Trump should go to Hell. Sounds like a terrorist’s wish! Ha! Graham’s a wuss! Trump spanked Graham when he gave out Graham’s phone number, and Graham’s been seething since like a jilted prom queen!

Hillary Clinton moralizes and points her crooked finger at Trump, even as she tries to sit on the facts about Benghazi and her emails, about not even trying to save American lives when forces were ready to go, then blaming their loss of life on a video! She was appeasing murderous Muslims then at the expense of American lives! She couldn’t protect them, or wouldn’t. How is she going to protect you? Ha!

The media has been publishing reports of “outrage” and “uproar” as reaction to Trump’s proposal. From whom? From the people running or potentially running against him? From party elites who own a conflict of interest with his candidacy? From the long-tilted, agenda-driven media? Ha!

And Dick Cheney? Do you feel Cheney creeping up on you? Is he planning to be part of ANOTHER Bush administration? Ha!

You know what the truth is? Many of those people are also motivated by their economic and social ties to the folks in Saudi Arabia and the like. Money is at stake. Black gold. Yet Saudi Arabia is a hotbed of murderous zeal and the denigration of women, a land where a few enjoy immense wealth and the rest trudge their way through the desert sands. Why do we have close ties with such an undemocratic nation?

Finally, I am a Christian, but I don’t want even Christians or anyone else coming here until we have sound and effective vetting procedures in place. Who knows what a person really is? We can be compassionate without bringing refugees here. We can help fund and help build areas over there. Where is the compassion of the wealthy, oil rich Muslim world? Let Saudi Arabia, Qatar (they have money to bribe FIFA officials), Iran (they have money to build nuclear weapons), et. al., open their doors and fund the refugee problem so the refugees do not have to move so far away from home. Maybe they don’t want the “rabble”, eh?

All throughout the Muslim world in Africa and the Middle East war and slaughter rage. We have no obligation to allow it to migrate to these United States. None.

Vote for whomever you want. Vote for the policies you think will be most effective. Just don’t be controlled. Don’t have your mind engineered. Don’t be afraid to exercise your freedom and promote you desires. It’s our country!


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