Bergdahl Republicans


If you want to understand why presidential candidate Donald Trump represents the thoughts and feelings of average Republicans and represents a truer conservatism and truer Republicanism than the hypocritical Republican establishment that hates his guts for exposing them, check out the significance of the omnibus spending bill House Speaker Paul Ryan boasts as an accomplishment.

To phrase it another way, Trump may not wax as ideological as some self-proclaimed conservatives, but he stands for the policies that most Republicans hold most dearly.

And the establishment’s game plan crystallizes with each passing day, particularly with Ryan’s massive spending bill, one being executed faithfully by other Bergdahl Republicans.

Ryan has negotiated a deal with the president to spend $2 trillion over the next year. By the time you will have read this, the House may have passed the bill then have sent it on to the Senate.

According to and other sources, Ryan’s budget betrayal funds the so-called DREAMer program: executive amnesty, work permits, and federal benefits funded by your taxes for the welfare of illegal aliens who crossed into the United States surreptitiously when they were minors.

That’s not the least of it. Ryan’s omnibus bill provides federal grants for the so-called “sanctuary cities”, invests in the president’s refugee resettlement program for tens of thousands of Middle Easterners and confers access to federal benefits upon them, continues to fund the regular, hole-ridden immigrant and visa programs for people from jihadists countries, and spends your money to resettle illegal immigrants from south of the border.

Even more could be said, not to mention the increased spending, which will increase the deficit.

So what do Americans get? What causes justify Ryan’s trumpet of success?

“Instead, Mr. Ryan said Republicans should be happy with the end of the oil export ban and with extending the dozens of [special interest] tax breaks”, wrote Stephen Dinan and Dave Boyer in the Wednesday edition of the Washington Times, “predicting they would both spur new jobs and help keep the economy on track.”

Really? So oil companies benefit by ending the oil export ban and then by getting a tax break, along with a few other businesses and interests, and that is supposed to be a big deal for the average American and the average Republican?

You have to be kidding me, and 300 million Americans. Many of us think and want that our borders are secured, American lives protected, terrorists kept out of the country, illegal aliens leave and, if they want to try, return legally, Middle Eastern refugees be kept out of the country, sanctuary cities shut down, and benefits be reserved for American citizens only.

And the biggest slap in the face is Ryan and his buddy Republicans (and Demos) using our money, OUR MONEY, to give benefits to people who don’t even belong here, all while we fight to stay afloat economically in our recessed economy, sometimes working two jobs.

That is so wrong!

So remember that when Ryan and Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham and many of the other establishment Republicans are ripping Donald Trump for standing up for America and Americans, they are doing something behind your back – spending your money – to fund the illegal alien and refugee programs they want and you don’t. They are giving tax breaks to special interests already making millions and billions of dollars; not to you, who can barely survive.

When they say Donald Trump isn’t serious and is unhinged and call his programs jokes and unconstitutional, what they really mean is they either don’t want to accomplish them or don’t have the will to do so. Establishment Republicans have other plans, and they aren’t yours or mine.

They are Bergdahl Republicans: selfish political deserters of the will of the American people and Republican ideals. Those Bergdahl Republicans would put you in harm’s way for a nickel! And the nickel would be yours!


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