Missouri Professor Melissa Click: the Face of Academic Hate


Snap 2016-01-05 at 21.43.37

You can hear new words to the old melody: “There she was just a-walkin’ down the street, singing ‘Get some muscle to get rid of this creep!'”

Those could well have been the lyrics of University of Missouri Communications Professor Melissa Click, who demanded that a reporter be given the boot from the recent racially-charged campus protests layered in mendacity and deception.

Imagine that: a communications professor strangling communication and tinkling all over the First Amendment! See how her angry self-righteousness has warped her features into a mask of hate!? Click! And you have Professor Hate-Face.

Am I being too harsh? After all, Prof. Hate-Face was knee deep in the research of 50 Shades of Gray and Lady Gaga, each a milestone and pillar of contemporary culture’s literature and lyrics. No doubt her reading of 50 Shades inspired her sadism toward freedom of the press. Amid the angry contortions of her countenance one can discern the wrinkles of an inner gratification.

It is hard for students to learn if you won’t let them know, Prof. Hate-Face. Some of us thought college expanded the mind’s horizons to the truth. Prof. Hate-Face apparently sought to apply a theory of constriction: the less truth a person knows, the better.

Tsk, tsk. If Missouri’s state lawmakers get their way, Prof. Hate-Face will have to obtain her gratification elsewhere. They want her fired. Stay tuned.


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