British Boobs, and Pics of Angry Muslims!


The United Kingdom once stood as a noble, righteous nation – flawed, granted – but always striving for excellence. The expansion of the English culture and language owes to the English spirit: tough, never-say-die, idealistic, inquiring, seeking the good of the Crown and its peoples, noble yet democratic, industrious, and profitable. From England’s womb emerged the greatest, freest countries on Earth: the United States, the Dominion of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now we see the decadence of the once proud empire and its prime nation. Certainly, it could be expected that such a limited number of people would not secure primacy forever. Yet it is not England’s martial primacy that we miss, but the dissolution and disintegration of its spirit, the utter effeminization of its character!

Angry Muslims 01

Yesterday, on Monday, January 18th, A.D. 2016, the British Parliament debated whether to ban Donald Trump from entry into its country. Trump is the leading Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States. The request for the ban derived from a petition seeking it and signed by over half a million people (that isn’t even a fifth of Britain’s 2.7 million Muslims, a 2011 census figure from its Office for National Statistics).

Oddly, the reason for the request was the irritation of some petitioners over Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Trump wants to establish an effective vetting procedure first to make sure Muslim terrorists do not slaughter American citizens by getting lost in a crowd of students or refugees or by stealth when they enter the country.

So some Brits proposed a ban because a ban was proposed. The difference is that Trump’s ban would keep out bloody murderers; the British ban strangles free speech and political action. No less a person than Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump’s remarks, “divisive, stupid, and wrong.”

Others said even worse things, such as the Labour Party’s candidate for mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who misfired rhetorically when he said that he hoped Mr. Trump’s “campaign dies a death.”

Some Brits spewed vitriol over Trump’s additional comments that some sections of London were so radicalized that the police did not want to enter them. One can only wonder what Londoners really think, those who have to go about their lives day-to-day, as opposed to the rosy picture England’s politicos want to present, like it has always been safe for people and police to go into ethnically or racially unique neighborhoods! There’s an investigative piece for the British press.

The real problem that exists is a philosophical fascism in England and in these United States that chokes off ideas and expression unless it conforms to some 1984ish standard of tolerance and diversity. Say something the government doesn’t like, or some misfit doesn’t like, and they’ll clap the hate speech label on you like flypaper and prosecute your ass!

I’m Hispanic, but you know what? I’m proud of America’s white Anglo-Saxon and Christian heritage. It may be far from perfect, but an inspection of the rest of the world reveals it is a lot better than most, if not all.

This is the movement we are seeing in the United States: people vomiting on the proliferation of political correctness tyrannizing the country and overthrowing it. Citizens have had their fill of the spoiled, sissified diversity-thumpers calling the shots with their hissy fits, wrecking our culture, and promoting godlessness and corruption while allowing a ghetto mentality to fester and spread like a virus. We are tired of having our values pissed on and told its wrong to bring them to the public marketplace, even as the diversity thumpers demand the acceptance of theirs. We hate to see excellence dropped as a standard and mere participation made the rule. Down with the notion that an idea is the best not because it is the best, but because it represents “the marginalized” or because it includes everybody or makes everything “accessible.”

What all those words are is code, code for “we are going to gut your Christianity and your political liberty and your Constitution to make our foolproof world where nobody gets hurt and the consideration of the offended is primary, except if you adhere to the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture from which you emerged. That must be disintegrated and a new, exotic culture established.”

No More!

Angry-Muslims-1024x536 Crop

We have had it with your phony tolerance, which is actually quite intolerant. We are sick of your imposed understanding of diversity, which is another word for a mess. And if you don’t like the fact that the United States is going to take measures to protect itself, including banning murderous Muslims, who should be required to reject the verses of violence in the Quran anyway, give us a call when you experience the next Muslim mass murder.

It is you, David Cameron, who are stupid and wrong, and you lie to paper over the ills brought on by the migration of Muslim hordes to your country. You were elected to represent and serve your people, but instead you think it is your job to engineer them socially. Reports of unrest and danger from Muslim residents in London surfaced long before Trump’s comments. Divisiveness in and of itself is not wrong. Citizens – in your case, subjects – have a right and a responsibility to debate the merits of the people whose faith intrinsically advocates violence against “infidels”, i.e., anyone who is not Muslim. How stupid of you to reject a temporary ban on Muslim entry to secure the well-being of your subjects but to denounce free speech and legitimate policy proposals.


By the way, Jeb Bush speaks for hardly anyone. He is at or below 5% in the polls.

It is you Brits who have spawned this whole political correctness tyranny, this philosophical fascism that is strangling our countries like a plumber from Boston. May you find your mojo again. Meanwhile, we are going to do what we think is right and safe for our country. If you don’t like it, too bad!


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