Hillary’s Hell


You have heard the saying that this or that person “lives in his own private hell.” Such an axiom seems true of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary cannot elude the past she crafted when she crushed the women who accused her husband of molesting them sexually, preying on them as one in power preys on the weak creatures about him. Burning questions incited by her own charge of “sexism” against Donald Trump are burning her up inside.

Now media outlets report that the CIA inspector general has identified that emails with a security classification above “Top Secret” have been recovered from Clinton’s private email server. Publicly, Clinton has apologized for what she essentially described as a lapse in sound judgment. Privately, she is fuming that she is being challenged and that her past actions are biting her in the behind.

It is much more than a political inconvenience for Hillary, despite at least one media report that the information in the SAP emails – “Special Access Programs” – is “innocuous.” Really? Innocuous information receives the highest, most restricted classification? Of course, the reporter himself, from NBC, has not seen what the information was.

Not that it matters in terms of whether a criminal act has occurred or not, but it is incredible that a member of the media would report that information contained in the highest, most secret classification would be “innocuous” without seeing it, no matter who his source was. If the information was innocuous, then the source should have shown the emails to the reporter. The source didn’t.

The public should understand that material is classified based on its value, whether the designation appears on the email or not. In fact, investigators have at least one email in which Hillary instructed a staffer to remove the classification. In her perverted eyes, that allows her to say she did not send or receive any classified material on her server without addressing the real question (and which still leaves open another question of whether she herself, or a staffer, loaded classified material onto her server); in fact, such a removal does not alter the material’s classification level.

People know from their everyday experiences that a person can get experience doing this and experience doing that to build up their resume and yet not be a person of character, even be a rotten person. We all have met and had to deal with someone like that. Superficially, their resume is stacked. In reality, the person does not have the heart and the temperament and the character to manage a department or branch or the people in them, much less to govern a nation.

Ambition has corrupted Hillary Clinton, and as the legal noose tightens around her neck, and Bernie Sanders’ galloping, inspired campaign propels his support closer to, and sometimes over, hers, you can imagine the white-knuckled, teeth-gnashing anger gathering within her, ready to explode.

With disaffection growing within the Democratic Party and without, she will not win the presidency, and she may not even win her party’s nomination.

Hillary Clinton’s ambitious, arrogant, angry character, has crafted her own hell.





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