Reject Elitist Conservatism!


Rich Lowry is a fucktard.

The editor of the National Review is sitting among four intelligent, attractive women on Outnumbered on the Fox News Channel today and spouting his high falutin’ conservative principles. Pope Rich decides what conservative dogma is and who is a true conservative and who isn’t, and thus anathema.

Fortunately, Andrea Tantaros is punishing him with her poignant questions.

Lowry and his fellow constipated conservatives at National Review calumniated against Donald Trump prior to the Iowa caucus and now smugly believe they affected the race’s outcome. Let’s see if he and his cabal of blowhards take the blame when Trump blasts Cruz in New Hampshire.

Here’s the real key that fucktards like Lowry still don’t get: the people aren’t listening to you any more. They reject your determination of what conservative is. They will define it and its range. Getting things done, and done well, is far more important than sticking blindly to some predetermined political philosophy.

The problem is that people like Lowry are against the majority. They want to control what others think and believe and rattle them into voting properly by declaring something or someone “not a true conservative.”

A vote for Lowry’s draconian, elitist-serving principles and for the people who represent them is a vote for the elitists and their security, benefit, and financial enhancement at the expense of their fellow citizens rather than for the American people as a whole.

It’s time to oust the self-proclaimed high priests of conservatism and to redefine conservatism so that it benefits all and not a few.

Reject Rich Lowry! Reject elitist conservatism! Let freedom ring!


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