Don’t Be a Sucker


It’s tough to be an intelligent and informed voter. Peeling off the layers of bullshit, with heavily gloved hands, of course, taxes one’s ability to resist political toxins.

Still, how gullible can voters be to allow the issue of “profanity” to cloud their political judgement. Ted Cruz sure is playing on piety, he is!

Fortunately, Cruz erred. He went too far. He and others, like Marco Rubio, criticized Donald Trump’s use of colorful language. Cruz stepped further. He said, essentially, that a candidate who used profanity could not be president because imagine how colorfully Trump would speak if confronted by crises and setbacks. I laughed my ass off!


Presidents have been sprinkling their speech with colorful language for decades, if not centuries. Sure, they put on appearances for the delicate electorate. Behind closed doors, they let loose. The general who, uh, fouled up; the staffer who didn’t do his research; the intelligence director who offered incomplete or corrupt knowledge; the ambassador who lied or the country that made a provocative military move: all paid the price with a torrent of metaphors that singed the ears.

Now, I am all for a person’s dedication to purity in thought, word, and deed, and I applaud it and make a daily effort to do so myself. The notion that profanity, however, is divorced from the president and implies a lack of presidential capacity not only reflects Cruz’s disconnect from reality but his worthiness of derision.

Ask yourself a simple question: Would you rather have a president who speaks honestly to you, sprinkling his speech with colorful language; or would you rather have a honey-tongued liar speak to you?

Is it better to be someone who utters a profanity in the excitement of the moment or someone who lies regularly to win?

Cruz lied about his loans from Goldman Sachs. He lied about Dr. Carson’s exit from the presidential race after Iowa. He lies about being an outsider. He lies about profanity being a disqualifier. Instead of standing by an actress who won a role in his political ad, he runs from her the moment he learns she once did “soft-core” films, whatever that means. Where is the forgiveness, Cruz? Where is the reward for doing the right thing now instead of punishment for the past? How Christian is that?

Acknowledging that no politician tells the truth completely – that would be miraculous, I’ll take a heaping pile of colorful honesty over a steaming pile of lies any day.




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