Katie Packer, Mind Controller


I turned on CNN and MSNBC for coverage of the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I watched Morning Joe, as is my custom, it being the best news discussion program on television. I avoided Fox News last night, primarily because of Megyn Kelly. She’s overblown and lacks substance and gravitas, in my opinion. However, I did catch Outnunbered Wednesday afternoon and saw a bit of Shepard Smith, who offered a piece on a Super PAC singularly and wholly dedicated to “taking down” Donald Trump. He interviewed Glen Hall, the U.S. news editor for the Wall Street Journal.

Before I critique the interview, I tip my hat to Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders. Both men clobbered their competition. Their success indicates where many American voters are this election, and the reaction of surprise toward their successes indicates just how much the political establishments and the mainstream media still don’t grasp what is happening. Trump’s chances to win the Republican nomination increase with every passing day. And I believe prognosticators are wrong: Bernie would not be easier to defeat than Hillary Clinton. As his support surges amid the passion and energy of his campaign, it will become all the more difficult to stop him. In fact, if anyone but Cruz or Trump comes out with the nomination, I think there is a good chance Sanders will win the presidency. Conversely, if Hillary emerges as the Democratic nominee, I think almost any Republican wins.

Americans are shaking things up, and they will continue to do so. If either party reverts to an establishment candidate, I see a lot of voters crossing party lines. It is not about a scripted and dogmatic ideology any more.

So here is my beef with the Shepard Smith setup and interview of Glen Hall. Smith announces that a Super PAC exists for the sole purpose of defeating Trump’s candidacy. Then the newsman tosses out his lead-in question at Hall:

SMITH: “Can they do this? Do they have the money? Do they have the organization? What do we know about them?”

HALL: “Well, not a lot. They haven’t had any filings yet, so we don’t know what their numbers are. They say they’ve got millions to spend. …As you said, they don’t have a candidate that they support. They are only anti-Trump.”

So we learned next to nothing. Even when Smith identified the PAC’s leader as a woman who worked for the Romney campaign, he never reported her name, nor did Hall. They never said her name, if you can believe that! So much for accountability.

According to multiple sources, the woman who is the chair of the “Our Principles PAC” is Katie Packer, the deputy campaign manager for Mitt “the other 47%” Romney in 2012, except, thanks to Democrat and Republican negligence at best, malfeasance at worst, it’s more like the other 90%.

Remember the name: Katie Packer. She’s getting together with her cabal of establishment buddies and buddettes to smear a candidate who refuses to be beholden to her and her ilk. She wants you to accept her definition of “Republican” or “conservative” and to vote the way she wants you. You can see her managing a factory workplace filled with electronic tickers scrolling messages like “Obey!” and “Think Right” and “Let the manager do the hard work of thinking. You only have to do as you are told.”

Katie Packer, mind controller.


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