“Conservative” Crybabies


Elitist Rich Lowry and his Super PAC buddies have renewed their hellbentness on destroying Donald Trump’s candidacy.

CNN Money reports that Trump has warned the Ricketts family, owner of the Chicago Cubs, to be careful in light of their $3,000,000 donation to the Our Principles PAC, madly run by former Romney cabalist Katie Packer.

The “Our Principles” PAC has one zealously avowed purpose: destroy Trump’s chances at nomination.

Both the Ricketts’ and the super PAC’s actions confirm that the elitists do not want you to think and feel for yourself; they want you to do as you are told. Fortunately, we actually have intellects and can enjoy them spending millions and millions of dollars on their impotent campaign. Be wise, my fellow freethinkers!

It is so funny to hear or read Lowry whine about Trump being a bully, because it is so juicily hypocritical and ironic! Lowry is the bully,  and he’s trying to get all his wealthy friends together to stomp on Trump. What Lowry and so many other of the spoiled brats have been discovering, however, is that Trump is too tough for their sissy kicks.

I am absolutely reveling in their mighty angst and swirling panic. And many are refusing to get on board Lowry’s and Packer’s and the elitist’s sinking ship. I am still tingling from the bitchslapping Fox’s gorgeous Andrea Tantaros gave Lowry a week or so ago. He was apoplectic that she was showing him up!

Every American sick of the weak, deceitful conservatives who have been lining their pockets with special interest money and prostituting their votes and policies should rejoice in the demise of the establishment’s influence. Indeed, they should keep working to make it happen.

The job isn’t done and we haven’t won until Trump has won. Make your votes count. The elitists want you to obey them and vote for anyone other than Trump. They don’t want jobs coming back here. They want to build factories overseas, in fact, in countries that hate us and compete with us and have military aspirations against us, such as Red China. They don’t want an American middle class. They want their upper class and a compliant, controlled lower class. They don’t want to make protecting American lives the priority. They want to let in as many foreigners, legally or illegally, so they can pay even high tech workers less, just like treacherous Disney, which is terminating Americans so it can hire cheaper tech workers from overseas given special visas. If that means increasing the danger by allowing in Muslim terrorists, then so be it, they believe.

Fuck Disney! Don’t go to Disney World and don’t go to a Disney movie during 2016. They are rotten and screwing your fellow citizens.



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