Mitt in a Snit over Trump Taxes


Angry Mitt Romney

An angry Mitt Romney is in a snit over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s taxes. Mitt, who was hit with a similar demand to release his taxes when he ran four years ago, ignored those demands until finally releasing his tax returns two months before the national election.

Some are pointing fingers at Mitt and calling him “Mitt the hypocrite”, because now he, the one who resisted the release of his taxes, demands that Trump release his. To date, no other current Republican candidate except Ted Cruz has released any tax returns. Mitt did not appear to be making a snit over any other candidates’ taxes.

So why would Mitt cause a split over fellow Republican Trump’s taxes? One can only speculate, though Mitt himself suggested there was a “bombshell” in Trump’s taxes. He told a news commentator it could be that Trump did not make as much money as he claimed, was not worth as much, did not pay as much taxes as one “would expect”, or did not donate as much to some of the causes the real estate billionaire says he supports.

Mitt’s snit was generally panned on Fox News’ The Five, where one commentator suggested Mitt’s hit was something the Democrats would do. The simple explanation may be envy. Trump has been far more successful than Mitt, is worth far more, is known far more and, if Trump is elected president, will have risen higher on the political scale than shitty Mitt, who was humiliated by Obama, a first-term senator and community organizer, in the 2012 general election.


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