Trump Conservative on Essentials


The television commentators continue to approach the Republican primary campaign from the angle that Donald Trump’s competitors for the nomination must attack him and take him down. The Republican establishment cartel bosses have anathematized Donald Trump. They reiterate to commentators, whom they boss, that, yes, they must go after Trump, they being Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, or else – horrors! – they will never catch up to Trump’s burgeoning lead in the delegate count and will not be able to prevent Trump’s nomination.

What does that mean? How can it be that the establishment cartel does not want their frontrunner to be their candidate?

Though Trump has a checkered past ideologically, the policy goals he embraces now lie well within the fortress of conservative thinking: create a large, well-oiled, well-funded military machine that is the most powerful in the world; staunch the flow of illegal immigrants, build a wall on the border with Mexico, patrol it heavily, deport illegals; ban the entry of Muslims and refugees into the country until proper vetting procedures can be established; destroy ISIS; strengthen our national cybersecurity against our enemies, especially the communists and quasi-communists in Red China, Russia, and North Korea, and the bloodthirsty, murderous Muslim terrorists; create and bring jobs back to America, especially manufacturing jobs; punish corporations that damage our economy; tax people fairly; diminish the taxes on companies so they can prosper and expand, thus creating jobs; replace Obamacare in part by tearing down artificial legal barriers to competition from insurance companies across state lines so they compete for customers’ dollars and rates come down; protect Christians and Jews here and abroad; defund and if possible eliminate abortion; reign in the pharmaceutical companies; earn and demand respect for America and Americans; restore our civic spirit and national pride; and more.

With which one of those goals does the establishment cartel of elitists, insiders, and news jockeys disagree? With which goal does the average Republican or conservative take issue? The answer is readily apparent.

Sure, Trump possesses some positional anomalies, but isn’t he in sync with those many vital positions listed above? Who would trade in a ban on Muslim entry for what we have now, when immigrants are simply asked on a form whether they are going to do us harm? Raise your hand if you think a terrorist would answer that honestly. Our current vetting procedures are laughable, and even the terrorists must howl at how easy it is for them to enter the United States. It’s like getting an invitation!

It’s time for the establishment cartel to get in line with its party members and the American public, not the other way around. Ignore their call for obedience and the slick advertising that would shackle you and warp you to their will. Make them tow the line… submissively. Cast your vote accordingly!

The voter turnout in Nevada in particular sent the establishment a grim message. More than twice the number of people caucusing for the Republican Party came out in 2016 as came out in 2012, when the dullard Mitt Romney was the prime candidate, just another establishment player pushing special interests and ignoring the vast majority of people, which is one reason the middle class has been shrinking. Voters don’t want business as usual. Community organizer Barack Obama whipped Romney in debates that highlighted Romney’s fecklessness, limited appeal, and limited presidentialness. Voters don’t want anyone like that again.

Now the people have Trump, a man of strength. What a difference!


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