Marco Boobio a Faux Donald Trump


Funny how the Republican elitist cartel denounces Donald Trump for being Donald Trump, then programs “presidential” candidate Marco Boobio to act like Donald Trump. That’s when Boobio begins to talk about Trump’s penis size. Disgusting!

The metamorphosis of Boobio into someone, or something, he is not, at the direction of his puppet masters, has caused him to slide down from the high ground he once enjoyed and which made him so attractive. Yes, a few will fall for his faux Trump. Yet even with his act, Boobio remains the same.

Boobio is a young, inexperienced candidate, just like Barack Obama was.

Boobio is a first-term senator who has not completed a whole term, just like Barack Obama was.

Boobio has failed to show up for work a vast majority of the time, allegedly because he was running for president, but it was a pattern he became entrenched in before he announced his candidacy, just like Barack Obama failed to show up to unite people and give them hope and change.

Boobio has betrayed the constituents who voted for him on his proclamation that he would end illegal immigration and deport illegal immigrants, just like other politicians who promised so much and delivered nothing.

Boobio has used the Tea Party to get elected, then he abandoned them so he could get in line with the colleagues of Barack Obama.

What do you think will happen if he is elected president? If we add it all up, it means that once elected, he will talk about penis size, demonstrate his inexperience on the domestic and world stage, fail to work like a president would, fail to carry out the things he said he would do, betray the ideas and wishes of the common voter, and betray those groups and individuals who got him elected except the big donors, whose will he will not cross.

Is that the kind of person you want leading and governing you?

Do you want Marco Boobio, a faux Donald Trump who will go back to being vanilla when the campaign is over, or would you rather have the REAL Donald Trump, who is going to be the same person, himself?

Don’t you want someone with strength and a proven track record of accomplishment on the highest stage outside of the presidency? Don’t you want someone who is standing up for America, for common American citizens, for the life of the unborn, for jobs and lower taxes for the average guy and gal, for a strong military, for taking care of the veterans, for stopping illegal immigration, building a wall, deporting illegals, and barring murderous Muslims or hostile Syrian refugees from entry into these United States until we have an effective vetting system?

What does it tell you that when a candidate stands up for most or all of the things you want, the insiders – the Republican cartel of elitists – throw all their money and power against him and manipulate their puppets, like Boobio, into trying to act like Trump?

The amount of money being thrown against a people’s candidate by the elitist, wealthy powermongers and their Super PACs is unprecedented in American electoral history. It should tell you something loud and clear: their position as controllers is threatened by Trump, who is not beholden to them.

The venom the members of the Republican elitist cartel spit at him in hopes of taking him down – he’s offensive, he’s supported by some white supremacists, he sues people, he gets sued, blah blah blah – it is all about superficialities, about distractions, about red herrings meant to take you off the track. Every candidate who has ever run for president has either won support from or earned votes from criminal or unethical groups and individuals. The notion that a candidate should be upset that he is winning someone’s vote is ludicrous. The candidate may say he rejects any criminal or unethical ideas or policies, but few, if any, will take the time to denounce someone whose vote he earns.

What is happening with Trump has nothing to do with him ethically, morally, or philosophically. It has to do with control. It has to do with ego. It’s the giant, collectivist ego of the Republican privileged against Donald Trump, the man free from any controls by the elite or by special interests.

Don’t fall for the establishment cartel’s phony gambit. And don’t fall for Marco Boobio’s act. He’ll never be as capable or as strong as Donald Trump.


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