The Republican Cartel’s Elitist Tyranny About to End


Think of all the times a mouthpiece for the Republican Party told you you had to be faithful to the party and accept even an undesirable candidate like Mitt Romney; otherwise, the Democratic nominee for president would win. It was better to elect a conservative, even if he did not reflect your views or your needs or your situation in life. To vote for such a “conservative” would, at the least, be the lesser of two evils.

So many Evangelicals and Catholics have reluctantly penciled in the oval or pulled the lever for the Republican nominee for decades. Something was better than nothing. You knew – we knew – that we would not see a godly man in office, we would not see the repeal or overruling of the legalized murder that is abortion, we would not see a balanced budget, and we likely would not see jobs created or brought back to America.

But we pulled the lever and penciled in the oval, faithfully, just in case maybe one of our wishes might come true. Some of us couldn’t wait any longer and voted for a third party candidate, or for the Democratic nominee, who stood for at least some of the things the voter wanted, or stayed home because we felt the process contaminated, stinking to high heaven, and wholly without a candidate who represented our wants and needs or the American Spirit as we understood and loved it.

We saw the poison oozing from the mouthholes of the radical left but also from the bought and paid for propaganda arm of the right – Fox News, that Babylonian Whore that kept sucking the life out of us and kept getting drunk on our misery and the elite’s privilege.

Now the proverbial shoe is on the other foot!

Donald Trump has stood forth and stood out, borne by a growing wave of voters dissatisfied with the deceit and snobby cliquishness and deliberate favoritism of the Republican elites, their utter neglect of the common man and woman. But the Republican cartel of privileged elitists shouts and screams that they won’t let him take over THEIR party. “THEIR party.” When it’s an individual speaking, he or she says, “MY party.”

Here’s a big “FUCK YOU” to all of those elitists. It ain’t your party any more!

We are going to vote for Trump anyway. We are going to vote for him, not only because he is strong, capable, and in possession of many good ideas. We are going to vote for him just because you don’t want him, because you don’t want him to succeed for us, because you are afraid that the common man and woman will get more and the privileged, fascist elite will get less.

We are sick of your lies, of your secret understanding with your counterparts in the Democratic Party that power may only swing from one elite to the other, with the special interests protected regardless of the nominal “nominee” who gets elected, and while the common man and woman get screwed. You can take your free trade agreements and your anti-American globalism and your sole focus on return on investment and shove them up your big, fat asses!

We are done with you! We will not vote for Marco Boobio. We will not vote for oily cheater Ted Cruz. We will not vote for any of your bought and paid for candidates. It’s your turn to support the candidate we the people are choosing, but we see you are not willing to swallow the medicine you so glibly handed to us. Why not? Is it because you lose control?

We see your dishonesty and hypocrisy. You rage against a group of Americans who support Donald Trump because they are “white supremacists”, and in your desperation you hurl accusations of bigotry and hatred at Trump, hoping they will stick, just like high schoolers hope the poop they throw at a house sticks to its walls.

Trump is no more bigoted or prejudiced or hateful than any other person in the Republican or Democratic parties. He many not be much of a Christian, but neither are any of you!

Where was your rage against the Black Panthers? Where has your rage been against the slaughter of unborn children? Where has your rage been against the slaughter of Christians worldwide, usually by Muslims, while you embrace Islam and denounce efforts to stop Muslims from bringing their wicked slaughter to America? Where is your rage against sex trafficking? Against child molestation and molestation rings?

You are dirty! Your hands are unclean! You only mention moral principles in the hope they will serve as your instruments to discredit the candidate who is not beholden to you. The only moral principle that really counts to you is the one that directs you to seek the benefit and security of the wealthy and privileged. You spit on the common man and woman and use their own sense of right and wrong against them and for your ulterior motives.

You will fail. And you will destroy the Republican Party in the process. So be it. We need a new party, a third party that seeks the good of each and every American citizen and represents the American Spirit and Tradition rather than the favor for the few.

No longer will we fall prey to your bad faith. Your time of wrecking this country for the sake of making more money for yourselves, your treason against the average American, is almost up. Thank God!


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