Get Ready for the Establishment Cartel’s Nuclear War


In perhaps their final effort to destroy the Republican Party in the wake of Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday success, the establishment cartel wants to unleash an all-out electoral nuclear war that will annihilate the party’s chances to win the White House but, in its view, deprive Donald Trump of winning the presidency.

It’s astonishing when one thinks about it, but the establishment cartel possesses a single, unique, nonpolitical goal: screw Trump so that it maintains control of the party and its partisans. They don’t particularly like anyone else in the race, so they don’t support anyone else, and they don’t support something in particular that Trump is against or something against that he is for. Some members of the establishment cartel have gone so far as to say – have actually asserted against loyalty and conscience – that they will betray their alleged conservatism and vote for Hillary Clinton, someone many, if not all, of them have said is a criminal who unlawfully endangered our national security by recklessly storing classified information in emails on a private server only she controlled, someone who praises the president and would continue his policy of unconstitutional executive orders.

That is the most illuminating detail. What two-faces the members of the Republican establishment cartel are! What violators of their own consciences and principles!

The goal of the members of the establishment cartel is NOT to change America for the better. Their goal is NOT to relieve the financial burdens Americans have borne under eight years of President Barack Obama’s mismanagement. Their goal is NOT to take advantage of having at least half of Congress and all of the White House to implement sound policies that will revitalize the American economy and provide millions of jobs to the average citizen. Their goal is NOT to effect a conservative program that will balance the budget, strengthen the military, and restore prosperity to the economy for the average citizen. Their goal is NOT to secure our borders and deport illegals who suck up taxpayer money. Their goal is NOT to prevent terrorists from entering the country NOR to keep hostile refugees from flooding onto Main Street. Their goal is NOT to defend, protect, and honor the Second Amendment. Their goal is NOT fair taxation. Their goal is NOT to bring jobs back to America.

Nope! None of those policies is their goal. Their goal is to STOP Donald Trump, even if it means electing Hillary Clinton and writing her a blank check to rob you of your gun rights, promote illegal sanctuary cities, flood America with more illegal aliens and violent refugees, cozy up to Wall Street and keep them profitable while you lose your home, give free reign to corporations to hire foreign labor and take their production overseas while terminating Americans from their high-paying and full-time jobs and shoveling minimum wage jobs at them, and add trillions more to our already trillions of dollars in national and trade deficits, all while she continues to endanger our national security.


All the heartless, callous, selfish, special interest Republican establishment cartel wants to do is spite Donald Trump, and if you have to be punished for it and pay for it, too damn bad! If it means trampling on your votes, too damn bad! If it means more of them line their pockets while your unemployment benefits end and there is no job for you to even apply to because the “addition” of jobs is far outpaced by their elimination or departure for overseas, then too damn bad!

Though some of them will cry that Trump is a con artist and not a real conservative, they aren’t fighting for conservative values. They are fighting for control. It’s not about vulgarity or offensiveness or any sense of righteous moral indignation: we know politics is corrupt and the political and economic process is corrupt, and in that sense Trump is neither better nor worse.

However, Trump is, thankfully, different from the insiders and elitists. He comes from outside their secret circles and cabals. He stands aloof from and is not beholden to special interests, as are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

It’s about control, and the establishment cartel is damned if it is going to let anybody but itself – its globulous, oily, cancerous self – run the show and pick the candidate.

A vote for Trump is more than a vote for a candidate or a position or a political philosophy. It’s a vote for your own empowerment. It’s your party. It’s your election. It’s your country.


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