Beware Romney’s Predatorial Paternalism


News outlets are broadcasting Mitt Romney’s calumny against Donald Trump from a stage at the University of Utah. Romney just finished his vilification and the commentators are analyzing it.

It’s disgusting. This is the new Republican Party, further inflamed by a snobbish loser who divided his partisans and his fellow Americans into the haves and “the other 47%”, belittling them and their problems. This is a loser who could not even defeat a man who’s greatest accomplishment was organizing communities. He could not drive home the argument in defense of those who lost their lives in Benghazi, looking bad and losing badly on the debate stage against the man he could not win against to become president, Barack Obama.

It is classic, dirty but slick, old-time, cigar smoke politics, bright with all the lustre the elitists can muster.

Let’s examine the facts. Have any lawsuits been filed against Trump University or its successor entity (neither of which are in business any more)? Yes. What exactly are those lawsuits about and what do they seek? We don’t know. Have the courts ruled against Trump University? No.

Has Trump had any failures in business? Yes. Are they the rule or the exception? They are the exception.

Romney said Trump was not a business genius. Whose net worth is greater, Trump’s or Romney’s?

Trump’s, resoundingly!

Even if we accept the low end estimate of Trump’s worth by Forbes, Trump is worth $4,500,000,000, or $4.5 billion. Romney’s net worth is estimated at between $190,000,000 and $250,000,000.

Even if we accept Romney’s and Marco Rubio’s mythology that Trump entered the business world armed with $200,000,000 from his father’s estate, and we don’t, Trump still multiplied that successfully by more than 20 times.

So we have $4.5 billion vs. up to $250 million. If Trump is not a genius, what does that make Romney? How shall we cast Romney’s business acumen?

Romney made much of Trump’s sexual antics back in the 1970s. Why would he, an alleged Christian, do that? It has no spiritual purpose. It is something that has long past. This is the second time a member of the Republican establishment cartel has raised the long-ago past against Trump. Indeed, the scripture would say the purpose of such vilification, calumny, is anti-spiritual.

Then again, we do not know whether Romney is a Christian or not.

Romney’s big, prefabricated line that Trump was phony as “a degree from Trump University” is itself a lie. Trump University, despite the name, has never been a “university” in the classical sense, and Romney knows that. They did not and never did issue four-year degrees. So Mitt the snit employed a deception to discredit Trump, to cast him according to his own lesioned opinion. That’s calumny.

Mitt claimed Trump’s proposed economic policies would ruin the country and that you can’t force American businesses to do business in… America.

What an astonishing, pontifical pronouncement!

Well, Mitt, shall we follow the Bushian or Obaman policies that drove manufacturing out of the country, created joblessness, robbed the average American of his or her wealth, and put it safely in your and your rich pals’ itching, clutching, greedy hands?

What is Mitt’s motivation for his pharisaical condemnation of Trump? Republicans had been shouting for decency in the campaign until Trump emerged as the frontrunner. Now they reveal their predatorial paternalism. And that is Romney’s motivation: PREDATORIAL PATERNALISM.

After Romney’s remarks, MSNBC interviewed a governor or former governor (apologies, I did not catch his name) who explained what Mitt and the thugs from the Republican establishment cartel were doing by their attempting political homicide of Trump. He said looking at Trump’s supporters was like looking at a younger brother who was about to make a bad decision, and Mitt just had to step in and set little brother straight. Wonderful!

That makes Mitt BIG BROTHER. Mitt thinks you, the voter, need him as BIG BROTHER!

Think about that. Think about the paternalism that is preying on common men and women. Romney verily dismissed the suffering of the average American, claiming to “understand” it. He doesn’t. He has no idea.

Shitty Mitt stands for mega-corporations (“persons” according to an “F’ed up” opinion by the Supreme Court) unfettered by any sense of decency and civility and civic spirit and pride. He is the master of downsizing, cutting up companies into pieces so he could lay off workers and sell the pieces for his profit. He is just like the Richard Gere character was in Pretty Woman, a destroyer of jobs and built up companies FOR PROFIT.

And before he left the governorship in Massachusetts, he spent $100,000 of state money to erase records and replace the computers he and his thugs had used with new ones. Hhhmmm. Sound like anyone you know?

Mitt Romney, eraser of records!

Romney does not and never could represent the average American or America. Mitt can only represent a few wealthy, special interests, other “greeds” like himself, and a sick worldview called “globalism”.

We aren’t citizens of the world. We aren’t citizens of “globalism”. We are citizens of the United States of America. We want candidates who will represent us and our country, and if greed and globalism get in the way, if corporate defiance against America and Americans gets in the way (do not Romney’s remarks tell you where he stands!?), then it is time to smash it and shovel it out of the way for liberty’s and America’s sake!


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