Establishment Weasels Out in Force


Oh, how the weasels and hyenas emerge from the woodwork! The elitists of the Republican Party and their thugs, panicking that they are losing their power, are propping up everyone and everything they can in a desperate, eye-popping effort to stop the man who threatens their rule and their money-mongering: Donald Trump.

I have to interrupt my thoughts a second as I listen to bullshitter Ryan Williams, a campaign lackey for Mitt Romney in 2012, on CNN. As others have, Williams just lied. He and the other thugs like to say that “65% of the people voted against Donald Trump”.

That’s a lie, and Williams is a liar.

Let me repeat that: That’s a lie, and Williams is a liar. So are the other thugs who have uttered that statement, that product of dissembling.

Sixty-five percent of those who voted in the Republican presidential primaries to date voted for other candidates. They supported other candidates. That is true. But Williams has no idea why each and every one of them voted for the candidate they did. Some may have done so simply to spite another candidate: possibly Trump, possibly Cruz, possibly Rubio, possibly Kasich, possibly Carson. Or maybe the vote was cast by a Democrat who voted for the person he thought would be the weakest against the Democratic nominee. Myriad reasons exist, and Williams does not know but even a tiny sample of why they did.

Similarly, The 75 or 85 or 90 percent of voters who did not vote for Republican establishment cartel candidate Marco Boobio didn’t vote against him, or against Cruz, etc. It is utterly false to say that, not to mention illogical and thus irrational.

That proves the thuggery of the loan shark-like front men for the Republican establishment cartel. They are the kind of guys who walk into your business and sell you “protection” because you need to understand the neighborhood and your right to make money aren’t yours, it’s theirs. Just like the Republican Party isn’t yours. It’s THEIRS. So vote for the right guy, or they will block Trump at the convention, create havoc, and stick in THEIR guy.

You just gotta understand, right?

Or you can fight back. You can give Romney and Williams and the so-called “national security experts” I am about to get to the middle finger salute, then vote for Trump.

You see, a vote for Trump is becoming so much more than a vote for Trump, or a vote for job creation, or a vote for economic power, or a vote for following the law, or a vote for keeping illegal aliens and terrorists out of the country. It’s becoming a vote for liberty and for YOUR power, the kind of power the Founding Fathers envisioned in the Declaration and the Constitution. It’s called “the consent of the governed.”

The Republicans, the so-called “constitutionalists”, don’t want to run their party that way. They want you to vote the right way, and if you don’t, they will take over the convention and correct your error. That’s what BIG BROTHERS do.

So CNN reported this evening that some “national security experts” came out with a letter against Trump. Let’s take a deeper look at these “experts” and whether or not they are giving us their expertise or whether or not they are protecting their special interests.

One signer of the letter against Trump was Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. In fairness, Chertoff has taken some stands I like. He’s taken others I don’t. Though he opposed illegal immigration, the cleaning firm he hired for his home employed illegal immigrants. He also seems to have given great weight to the effect of climate change on security here and abroad.

Most worrisome is that Chertoff heads a firm called the Chertoff Group, stocked with former government agency people taking their service and profiting off it. Isn’t that what Mitt Romney called “crony capitalism”, of which he accused Hillary Clinton. Oh, it’s legal, is it? So that makes it right?

Another signer is Mary Beth Long. Long is a former assistant secretary of defense who founded one of the fastest growing military defense contractor firms in the country, Meltis Solutions. Do you think she has benefited from her “public service”? Do you think she has a stake in this fight?

Another signer is Robert Zoellick. “Expert” Zoellick not only has served in several government positions, he has been a managing director at Goldman Sachs, advocated for the Iraq War, pushed for “free trade”, in other words sending jobs overseas, and he has pushed to force the European Union to accept genetically modified foods, like, you know, the seeds that you have to buy every year because the manufacturer, I believe Monsanto, deliberately engineered them to die after one year of use. It’s called a money stream. Create an artificial situation and contrive restrictions that force consumers to buy from you.

Nothing free about that, eh?

Those folks are a sample of the “experts”. What they are experts on is blinding the public to their real motivation. All these people are part of the stale, black widow web of special interests whose sole goal is to profiteer and keep their profiteering going. The weasels and hyenas get a special twinge of pleasure when they convince voters of their false righteousness using their sophistry, getting the voters to do exactly what they want, something that would actually hurt the voters.

Hold the weasels and hyenas accountable. Show them you see exactly what they are doing. Frustrate their greed. Change America for the better. Make America better for yourself and your family and friends. Vote for Trump!


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