Astounding Media Debate Bias


Whichever way citizens decide to vote in the Republican presidential primary, they should be aware of the astounding media bias during the campaign.

For instance, though Mitt Romney isn’t a candidate this year, every network broadcast his broadside at Donald Trump. Worse, as the various hosts interviewed guests to analyze the significance of Romney’s remarks, they loaded up guests who would be favorable to his comments while having no one or perhaps one person who might be favorable to Trump. I flipped between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. It was astounding.

One network had a former Romney campaign staffer, a current or former Cruz campaign staffer, and a current or former Rubio campaign staffer. That’s loading the “analysis.” Objectively, did anyone think those three were going to disagree with each other, at least openly. They were all going to find agreement in a positive analysis of Romney’s remarks and a negative analysis of Trump and his campaign!

Why would any of the networks bring on air current or former members of Romney’s, Rubio’s, and Cruz’s campaigns to analyze the significance of Romney’s comments? And why would they pit three, say, against a lone Trump staffer or supporter? It gives the impression that most voters and citizens are against Trump. In other words, the presentation confirms the very message Romney, who is no truth-teller himself, spouted.

The real reason the networks did it was because it represented the establishment cartel to whom they are either beholden to or from which they want to curry favor (interviews, etc.).

That is media bias. That’s what makes people sick and drives them to any candidate not tied to the establishment and the media machine.

Let’s look at another example. Ask yourself why no other candidate received tough questions besides Trump, including questions that involved dishonesty or fraud.

John Kasich comes across as “the adult in the room” (a trite, sickening, self-congratulating phrase) because he never gets challenged. Why didn’t the Fox “News” moderators (or any of the moderators from previous debates) ask him, “If you are as good and successful as you say you have been as governor, why are you trailing in every poll taken of your state?” If Kasich has governed as well as he says he has, in Ohio, there should be little of the anger that pundits say drives voters to Trump and overwhelming support for him. Why isn’t that the case? And any non sequitur explanatiion like, “as soon as we get our message out, voters will come around” needs to be trashed immediately. Ohio voters should know Kasich’s message by heart by now.

Why did none of the “moderators” ask any questions about Marco Rubio’s sale of his house to a lobbyist at an inflated amount, the Marco Rubio who is wading in debt? It’s a fair question and one for which the audiences live and at home deserve to hear the explanation. It was something that happened and was settled in the past, unlike the repeated accusations of a lawsuit against Trump University which has NOT been adjudicated.

Why didn’t the moderators ask any questions about Marco Rubio’s use of a Florida Republican Party credit card to make personal purchases of goods and services, some of which were reportedly salacious?

As much as Donald Trump gets questioned and ripped about his brash style, why haven’t moderators asked and pressed Ted Cruz about his failure to get along with his senate colleagues? Why haven’t they brushed aside his contention that he is the one who stands on principle, like some fairy tale white knight, and press him whether he is saying that his colleagues aren’t principled or whether it is possible that he is, despite his allegedly pure ideology, a disagreeable, difficult person with which to get along? Fox has used John McCain against Trump but why not with Cruz, against whom McCain has spoken strongly? Why have not the moderators asked him whether his campaign behavior constitutes a compromise of his alleged evangelical beliefs: his taunting, condescending, evasive, calumniating, apparently dishonest behavior and campaign tactics?

The moderators totally let Rubio pass on his use of vulgar humor and the violation of Catholic teaching and scriptural exhortation it represents. We all get the sense that Trump owns at best a relaxed faith; Cruz and Rubio, however, have boasted about its centrality to their lives, their “core”. No one has called them to account for their unpresidential misbehavior.

As much fuss as news organizations have allowed the other candidates to make about two alleged instances of Trump’s hiring practices, one from 40 years ago, why haven’t they pressed Cruz and Rubio on their support for not only the H-1B visas that have savaged American high tech workers and their families but for increases in the allowable numbers of those visas?

Supposedly the news outlets want the candidates to discuss policy, but in fact the news networks shy away from serious policy discussions when it depreciates the standing of certain candidates.

You can vote for anyone you want, but at least be honest with yourself. Why is Trump the only one of whom extensive policy details are demanded?

How is Cruz’s flat tax going to balance the budget? What’s the rate going to be? Please don’t refer me to his website! If he knows his policy proposals, just tell us right there during the debate! What is he, or Rubio, going to cut to balance the budget? If memory serves me correctly, Cruz said almost the same thing that Trump did: he was going to get rid of the IRS and other government agencies, but no one said to him what they said to Trump. No one said, “That doesn’t add up to enough to make up for the more than $500 billion dollar yearly budget deficit.” Why didn’t they tell and ask Cruz or Rubio, “That doesn’t add up. What else are you going to do?”

Though they are legislators and experienced politicians, Cruz and Rubio were just as general in the debate as Trump but no “journalist” demanded the same details of them as they did of Trump, and none pressed them for more details!

Trump, though he has historically and contemporarily disavowed David Duke and white supremacy, was repeatedly harassed and asked a question he had answered about an endorsement he had not sought and did not publicize. It was a complete red herring. News organizations ran headlines that claimed he hadn’t answered the question, though they either knew he had or failed to do their research, then claimed he stumbled through the process before finally answering, when in fact he had done so a dozen times or more!

Here’s the even deeper issue: no other candidate has been asked or pressed with the same intensity about any race question. All the race-related events that have occurred the past two years and no debate moderator has grilled any other Republican candidate about any substantive racial issue. On top of which Cruz and Rubio love to tell everyone how they are real Republicans and conservatives, and supposedly those real Republicans and conservatives have longed to expand into a “big tent” that many, diverse people can come to and sit under. Isn’t that pretty important to get elected? Yet nothing.

It’s a farce, and it’s dishonest! Some would argue that the GOP doesn’t care about race relations. That’s because the Republican establishment cartel doesn’t care, and they control, or try to control, the questions.

There is so much more to say. I will be rewatching the debate thoroughly to pass on to you detailed examples of what I wrote last night/earlier this morning. I am just going to leave you with this last example from this Friday morning’s Morning Joe, which had on a guest named Mary Kissell, a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

I am sure Kissell is quite intelligent, but that doesn’t mean she makes sense or that she can see her own deep bias as a member of the establishment community (she has worked at Goldman Sachs; how do you think that affects her positions and punditry?).

Kissell spat her usual diatribes against Trump and turned a blind eye toward Cruz and Rubio. But here is the real nugget: Kissell thought Trump would be stopped in Florida despite his nearly 20 point lead in the polls because the good guys, the Republican establishment cartel, now apparently led by loser Mitt Romney, and all its billionaires were going to get together, open their wallets to the anti-Trump Super PACs, and bombard Florida with advertisements.

How was that savage, billionaire-fueled advertising bombardment going to change the Florida result in favor of inexperienced Marco Rubio?

Kissell said the ads would “educate” the Florida voters.

Wow! Since when do ads “educate”? Her use of that euphemism is astonishing and so 1984ish. Since when do Florida voters need to be educated? Does she think they are hollow-heads waiting for her or the cartel to fill their heads with truth? What does “educate” mean?

It means the Republican establishment cartel, of which Kissell is part and parcel, will slickly bomb your eyes and ears with relentless anti-Trump messages until you vote the way they want you to vote, until you vote their way just to make the bombardment go away.

Like a wartime resistance movement, you can thwart the fascists. Tune your TV or radio to a different channel if you have to, or turn them off, or endure the barrage, retreating to the bunker of your mind, protecting your secret vote until it’s time for the mission. Then emerge stealthily, go to your polling place, and cast your vote for Trump.

Your vote is like a hand grenade that destroys a cadre of jackbooted establishment gestapo and liberates us from the tyranny of establishment candidates who live off the public trough, promising everything, but never working together to get anything done, when they are even present to vote. They are too busy being bedded by special interests.

You are the wartime resistance. Protect your secret vote. Carry out the mission to cast your vote peacefully for Donald Trump. Stun and defeat the establishment cartel and their lackeys!


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