Mexico’s Assclown President


Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto (pronounced en-REE-kay   PAIN-yah   nee-AY-toe) whined today about Donald Trump’s word to build a wall along the American-Mexican border to stop the tidal wave of illegal immigration and illegal drugs from that crime-fueled country into the United States. 

Trump has also promised to patrol the borders effectively and to deport those who migrated and set up residence here illegally while draining taxpayers for all the illicit freebies they receive.

Peña Nieto cried out that Mexico will never pay for the wall, as Trump said it would. Anyone want to bet on who is going to win that disagreement?

Of course, to bolster his claim, the Mexican president had to make the astonishing assertion that Trump’s words were like Hitler’s and  Mussolini’s.

“That’s the way Mussolini arrived and that’s the way Hitler arrived,” Peña Nieto was quoted as saying to a Mexican newspaper, El Excelsior.

What an assclown! Peña Nieto doesn’t know anything about history. He doesn’t even know anything about his own people, even though he tried to claim Trump didn’t understand them.

It’s not Trump’s job to understand the Mexican people. It is Peña Nieto’s, but clearly he doesn’t. because he cannot manage his own country’s problems.

Countries put up walls, barbed wire, checkpoints, etc. along their borders and they always have. We get it that Mexico’s old, entrenched Spanish system, which depreciates the Indian and relegates him to second- or third-class status stinks to high heaven and impoverishes him more or less permanently, which is why so many become violent and part of the deadly drug trade.

The question is when is Peña Nieto and the Mexican legislature going to get off their collective asses and relieve the suffering of the vast majority of their oppressed peoples? Do they even possess that desire and the moral strength to carry it out.? Probably not. But at the least they can shut their faces and not interfere with what we need to do to protect our citizens and our economy.

If they don’t like it, too bad!

Calling someone Hitler or Mussolini, or what they say or do “fascist”, has become such a hollow rhetorical cliché that really means, “Your proposal disagrees with mine and puts me on the spot and might actually solve the problem that I don’t want to solve.”

It’s just a cheap, rhetorical shot that only works with the ignorant and folks so emotionally sensitive that they lack the capacity to critically perceive its worthlessness.

Build the wall, Trump, and make it 50 feet high! Kick out the freeloading illegals!


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