Trump Launches Ad Against Rubio


The New York Times ran a story this afternoon that reported Donald Trump’s campaign had launched advertising in Florida to discredit Marco Rubio’s performance as a state legislator and senator. A link for the ad appears below:

The Times called Trump’s advertising “savage”. I’m not sure what they are calling the ganging up and bullying by every special interest Super PAC and Mitt Romney, using every defamatory word and accusation they can make up. Trump’s advertisement states Rubio is corrupt, that his attendance in the United States Senate is the worst, and that he misused a Republican Party of Florida credit card.

The advertising comes on the run up to next Tuesday’s Florida primary election, in which the delegate allotment is winner-take-all. Trump has led in Florida by double digits for at least two months, but a recent Monmouth University Poll shows a tightened race with Trump leading Rubio by eight percentage points.

Is Rubio corrupt? That is a conclusion each voter will have to reach or reject. Is the evidence Trump provides in the advertisement factual? Yes.

Click on this link to discover Politifact’s rating of Rubio’s claim that his own money financed the use of the party credit card:

Has Rubio failed to attend more senate votes than any other U.S. senator? As of a February, 2015 article at Vocativ, Rubio had more missed votes than any other senator, so it is a pattern with him that began before any serious campaigning. Interestingly, Ted Cruz was fifth worst. The article and data are here:

Rubio’s attendance has plummeted precipitously since July. For the last two quarters of 2015, Rubio’s absentee rate was over 50% and closing in on 60%. For the first three months of this year, Rubio has been absent for more than 90% of the senate’s votes. Scroll down the page at this link to find the graphic:

Rubio and his campaign will argue that he deserves to miss those votes because he is running for president. On the other hand, Rubio is cashing checks from Florida taxpayers for the public service he is NOT performing but for which they elected him. Not a good deal for Floridians.

It makes me chuckle at times to hear advertisements funded by the billionaire Super PACs that claim Trump isn’t tough and doesn’t know how to do business. Who thinks Trump never crossed some pretty tough folks during his 40+ years of business development and negotiations? Who doesn’t think Trump knows how to do business when he has built a $4.5 billion empire? That’s about 20 times the amount of the value Mitt Romney built, yet the media, in its lust to satisfy the establishment cartel, allows Romney to comment on Trump’s business smarts! Amazing!

Romney in comparison to Trump is a lightweight.


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