Don’t Let Them Make You Feel Guilty


Watching Morning Joe this Tuesday morning on MSNBC, I heard Joe Scarborough comment on the ridiculousness of some people and media outlets. Those people or media outlets, or both, had been taking snapshots of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

The snapshots were usually taken when Trump jocularly got the attendees at his rally to raise their right hand and take an oath to vote for him.Once the oath was done, Trump told his audience members they had to vote for him, then said they didn’t have to do that.

It’s just kind of a fun thing that Trump does, and the members of the audience seem to enjoy it. They are hooping and hollering all along.

However, the little vengeful ones, the establishment lackeys, Romney’s Robots, have been using the snapshots to describe a “Hitler-like salute” as Trump holds a fascist or white supremacist rally.

The effort comes on the heels of a Saturday Night Live skit that portrayed all Trump supporters as swastika-wearing white supremacists.

Frankly, it is part of an alarming, chilling effort to discredit people who have legitimate political, economic, and cultural concerns about this country, and effort to shame them into voting for the candidate the discreditors want them to elect.

Call it mind manipulation.

Mitt Romney shoulders much of the responsibility for this turn (although the liberal media was happy to push it on) after he spat his venom against Trump and, by implication, his supporters, with his unChristian harangue last Thursday.

Like a self-righteous coward, Romney hurled rocks at Trump, hoping to kill his candidacy. Romney is an elitist who refuses to allow the establishment to lose its iron grip on the Republican Party and on what he defines as conservative.

Envy had something to do with it, too. Romney greened as he saw Trump’s astonishing successes. He did not want Trump to succeed where he, Romney, had failed so miserably.

Among Romney, the Republican establishment cartel, and the liberal media abides a desire to paint hardworking white people, and any race or ethnicity that joins them, as fascist or white supremacist. It is in a way funny, because in the clip Morning Joe showed were black people at the Trump rally raising their hands to take the oath.

Facts never get in the way of media fiction, however, and the effort is charging ahead full steam to discredit Trump’s campaign and his supporters as fascists or white supremacists.

Don’t let them shame you! You have nothing of which to be ashamed. Don’t let them make you feel guilty! You have nothing about which to feel guilty.

Increasingly in this country it seems like white people – and it probably isn’t accurate to use that phrase – are being derided for looking at life through the Anglo-Saxon lens, even though that is our heritage and the foundation for our country.

I am half Hispanic and half Celtic, and I may have a touch of Jewish in me by way of my Spanish side. So I am quite diverse in myself. I am sure there are other “whites” or members of other races or ethnicities who could say they are even more diverse. Tiger Woods used to say he was a “Cablinasian”: a mix of caucasian, black, and asian heritage.

I am proud of what I am. But I am also proud of my country’s Anglo-Saxon influence, and while that influence has been and can be seasoned by other cultures or subcultures, I hope it remains the predominant influence.

Yet that influence and the people who represent it are savaged for being themselves and for standing up for this country, these United States, born of Great Britain and her Christian beliefs and rationalist philosophy.

When they want immigration laws enforced and borders secured, they are called fascist. When they want to temporarily ban entry to the country by Muslims, the group that generally spawns and supports terrorists, until effective vetting procedures are created and put into place, they are called racist or white supremacist. If you are pro-life, you want to trample on women.

Romney, the Republican establishment cartel, and the liberal media employ the rhetoric of extremism. A fellow citizen disagrees with a liberal or a Romneyan, so he shames him into agreement. Paint him as a Nazi, or a closet member of the Klan, or as a “throwback” to all that was evil in this country and in the world. Condemn his frank speech, because it is impossible to condemn the wisdom of the policies proposed.

Once shamed, the fellow citizen shuts up, and the members of the establishment on both sides, Republican and Democrat, get opposition out of the way and get what they want, which is to maintain control.

Don’t fall for it. You aren’t a Nazi or fascist or white supremacist or whatever because you support Trump, or even Cruz, who would probably be getting the brunt of the attacks if he were in the lead.

You aren’t evil because you see life through an Anglo-Saxon lens. Just the opposite. Be proud of what our heritage has accomplished, which means even if you aren’t Anglo-Saxon, you can be proud of that national heritage and make it yours. (That’s what integration was supposed to be about.) It’s what makes us American.


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