Make Your Super Tuesday Vote Count


Defy the Establishment!

Defy the liberal and conservative thugs ganging up on you and on Donald Trump! Meet their bullying with an act of violence on the voting lever or on the oval on the ballot! Darken it in, pressing the point of your pencil until it almost breaks! Obscure their pallid cries of racism and bigotry and prejudice and anger and frustration with every harsh stroke!

Super Tuesday lies before us, and we Americans rightly indignant over the errant course of our country the last couple of decades and more should flood the voting booths for Trump! We are sick of the minority of elites and the elitist minorities who play victim and who demand our obeisance. We are sick of hearing that the situation of the illegal alien is the axis upon which our political thought must revolve rather than the spirit and letter of our Founding Fathers embodied in our Declaration and our Constitution. We are sick of hearing that guns kill and not people, especially from people who ask doctors, and doctors who comply with such asking, to insert a sharp metallic instrument into their wombs so the doctor can crush the skull of their babies. We are sick of hearing the financial greeds and their lackeys tell us we must accept free trade and the annihilation of jobs for our fellow Americans, and that manufacturing cannot return to the United States.

Liars! Discouragers! Deviants! Devourers of Hope and of our hard-won substance! How dare you!

Vote for Trump! Take a huge step to make America great again on this Super Tuesday!

How the mind manipulators within the Democrats and the Republicans, in their unnatural coupling, want you to think Donald Trump is causing the violence at his rallies! It isn’t the people who sneak in so they can disrupt Trump’s speech or hassle a supporter. It isn’t an Only Black Lives Matter thug getting in someone’s grill, shouting obscenities, or trying to rip away a Trump sign or the American flag out of a Trump supporter’s hands. It isn’t the “gangstas” who showed up at Trump’s planned Chicago rally packing automatic guns.

No. Donald Trump wants to interrupt his own speech. He wants create havoc at his own rally. He wants to use up time to direct security to remove ugly protesters in place of telling his supporters about his plans to make the country great again.

Brilliant logic media and establishment cartel!

You know what? Those disrupters should be manhandled. They should be manhandled and picked up and carried away and thrown out the door on their big, fat asses! They have a right to assemble peaceably, not to disrupt provocatively and endanger whole groups of people with their belligerent rhetoric and sabotage of free speech. If that doesn’t work, arrest their sorry asses!

The establishment cartel will never let go of their power without a resounding electoral revolution. There is only one candidate both establishment cartel’s are gunning for.

Make your vote count on Super Tuesday. Vote Trump.


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