Lying, Two-face Politicians and Their Media Enablers


Listen to the politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths and the media let their utterances fly by in the air unchallenged.

The first offender: Mitt Romney. Mitt’s afflicted with his own rabid hypocrisy, more venal than Donald Trump’s rousing insults and remarks. Mitt campaigned openly for John Kasich in Ohio so the governor would win his home state and deny Donald Trump as many delegates as possible. At the time, Two-bit Mitt told his fellow American citizens in Ohio, “Unlike other people running, he has a real track record,” according to a New York Times article by Thomas Kaplan in its First Draft section posted on March 14. “He has the kind of record you want in Washington, and that’s why I’m convinced you’re going to do the right thing tomorrow.”

Romney’s “unlike other people running” clearly disqualified the other three candidates standing at the time because they lacked both sufficient experience and the quality of experience Kasich presented. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are freshmen senators; Donald Trump is a freshman politician but owns an extensive business resume littered with success.

Ohioans sponged up Romney’s false flattery and gave Kasich a plurality, though not a majority, of their votes, allowing him to gather all the state’s 66 delegates.

That was yesterday. It has been quite a different day since! Romney vomited this verbiage in Utah when he went to vote in what is now his home state: “I would have voted for him [Kasich] in Ohio. But a vote for Governor Kasich in future contests makes it extremely likely that Trumpism would prevail.”

That quote comes from a CNN article by Theodore Schleifer and posted on the news outlet’s website March 19.

So much for Kasich being the only candidate with the needed quantity and quality of experience! Who’s the con artist, Mitt?

Kasich himself, as with the other candidates in this race, gorged himself on hypocrisy, too. Kasich has bashed Trump for his temporary ban on all foreign Muslims entering the United States as a tool to help prevent terrorism. Trump wants to institute effective vetting procedures first. The criticism by Kasich and others is that you can’t lump all Muslims together, though their scriptures call for them to act hatefully and violently against “infidels”.

So, did the candidates say the same thing when they presented themselves before the giant Jewish lobby, AIPAC? Did they decry individual Palestinians (and Israelis) who committed violent acts?

Naw! Spluttering about the American-Israeli relationship, Kasich asserted there was “a Palestinian culture of death.” He added the spark of Palestinian attacks on Israel was “a culture of hate that Palestinian Authority has promoted for 50 years.”

Granted, Kasich did not mention Islam, but what stands as the greatest influence on Palestinian culture? Certainly, sociological work is needed to make a scientific analysis, but can we not say that Islam provides a profound motivation to those who place their trust in it? What is the result of telling people over and over that God wants them to torture and kill the infidels and that failure to do so is itself apostasy?

Even Trump pandered to the AIPAC crowd. As an American, I was sickened. What is it exactly that America gets out of its relationship to Israel? Is not one of the causes of the Middle Eastern turmoil the creation of a Jewish state where none existed?

Much to say there is, if I may wax Yodaic, but such is fodder for another day.


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