Support Trump!


I have been marooned by duties from the blogosphere for a while, but I will continue to make a mark in it, sailing through with the unique set of facts and opinions that I do. Thus, this post.

I remain a strong supporter of Donald Trump. The media and liberal pundit piranhas have failed to dissuade me, or anyone with an intellect, from moving an inch. Journalists fueled by license have spat on their ethical obligations, the very canons of their professions, with their unabashed support of Hillary Clinton and their brazen effort to destroy the Trump candidacy.

Shame on the Republican establishment members for sabotaging their candidate, his campaign, the party, and the future of this country because they think everyone has to agree with them and because they want to prevent Mitt Romney from standing alone in the loser’s square! Shame on the betrayers of the party and of conservatism!

Self-righteous ideologues, like Bill Kristol, have been working hard, by commission or omission, to elect Hillary Clinton and annihilate the conservative makeup of the Supreme Court for decades to come. They are liars and hypocrites but their covetous self-absorption incinerates their reason and their loyalties. They have become stooges for Hillary, and she is laughing at their treachery because they enrich her and her chances of becoming president much as the foreign and domestic donors to her scam, the Clinton Foundation, do.

I remain in support of Trump because I believe in many of the ideals and policies that he espouses: America first. Bring back industry. Bring back jobs to America and Americans and create new ones for them. Make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. Make trade fair as well as free. Take care of our vets. Build a huge stick and walk quietly with it. Ban Muslim immigration until we have a vetting system that works. End illegal immigration, build the wall, deport those here illegally, and offer a sound system of citizenship for good immigrants who will take the time and effort to become Americans because they love liberty and economic opportunity. Re-examine our relationships in foreign alliances and make them equitable. Shred bad treaties that help our enemies and compromise our ideals and our friends. Make better treaties and trade deals. Honor our Constitution and its foundation, the Declaration, including the Second Amendment.

American government exists for Americans, not for the rest of the world or for Third World Thinking or for globalism or any other purpose or ideology. Trump is the only candidate that stands for those things.

Crooked, Jobkiller Hillary does not and never will. She is anti-men, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jew (despite outward appearances), anti-gay, anti-gun ownership, anti-military, anti-defense, anti-free enterprise, anti-American culture, anti-American values, anti-national security, anti-Constitution; and she is pro-Muslim, pro-death, pro-special interests, pro-tearing down the American way of life, pro-illegal immigrant while being anti-American citizen, pro-restrictions on freedom, pro-diversity just for the sake of itself rather than to enhance and protect our core values, pro-self, pro-self-enrichment, pro-throwing national security under the bus if it will benefit her and the way she wants to work.

Hillary Clinton would rather give a communist Chinese woman a job than an American man. Grease her fingers with moolah via her Clinton Foundation trappings and she will give foreign interests anything they want, toadishly submit to their will (not the American people’s) just as her husband shoveled as much American technology and jobs as he could over to foreign countries. It’s no wonder American citizens are sick to their stomachs!


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