Prayers for Dallas and America


Amid all the political theater reality intrudes, often raising its ugly hydra-heads. My heart and prayers go out to all the police officers, their family members and friends, who lost their lives or suffered wounds from last night’s shooting.

My prayers also go out to my fellow Americans who are black who have been killed, their family members and their friends.

I am a strong supporter of the police. I am a strong supporter of equal rights and fair treatment for Americans of all races. I know the tensions, fears, and anger are high on all sides. The danger remains that any one of us may act wrongly – morally, ethically, or legally – and do or say some thing that will actually make matters worse.

It may be a platitude, be we need God’s wisdom and strength to treat each other with respect and value. If we descend into bitter recriminations, then we will just spiral downward until something even worse happens.

We have to deal with racism – on both sides. No one has clean hands. And no one is fully dark with evil except a few on either side. We have to get control of this situation and remedy ills that should have been remedied long ago.

May God have mercy on all those who have fallen, and may He guide each one of us to be a better human being and citizen, in the name of Jesus!



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