The Quisling Sabotage of the Cloud People


If a citizen were to type into the DuckDuckgo search engine field a term like “Republican Quislings”, a number of opinion pieces would pop up. For many of the writers of those pieces, the quislings are the Republicans and conservatives who support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. People like George “self” Will, Bill “the crank” Kristol, and Rich Lowry of the petulant National Review, share a belief that Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency should be sabotaged at any cost.

In my opinion, Lowry in particular is a lowlife bastard who played a role in Andrea Tantaros’ disappearance from Fox News, all because she disagreed with him. He isn’t worthy to lick the dust off her high heels!

I don’t watch Fox News any more – any of the program hosts. Gretchen Carlson’s departure has only added fuel to my fire, and I believe there is merit to her allegations of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes, the Fox News chief executive. Yes, I enjoy seeing beautiful, intelligent women offering news and commentary, but they should not be harassed, nor should they be treated with less respect than their male counterparts.

I don’t find Bill O’ Reilly more credible than Andrea Tantaros. Quite the opposite: O’Reilly’s pomposity often gets in the way of any intelligent give and take, whereas Tantaros provides fresh and poignant insights. Carlson reeks of integrity, and while I disagree with her position on guns, she should be able to proffer her take on policy. Fox’s lockstep approach to discussion renders it little more than a network of faux issues and commentary.

Fox makes me sick even though I tend to agree with their commentators on many issues. Then again, most of the news networks are pretty biased.

The point of all this is that the people behind “Stop Trump“, whether officially or unofficially so, have lost what I will call their “Americanness” and in the process have betrayed their party.

These quislings have perverted the Declaration and the Constitution and abandoned the welfare of the common American for confabulated hoity toity principles like “free trade” (which isn’t free – it costs Americans jobs!) which serve only the few, the cloud people, the monied interests who don’t seem  much affected by whether a Republican or Democrat gets elected. They buy legislators who craft laws that benefit them and their continued security and domination in finance, forcing citizens to borrow through loans or credit, and making exorbitant profits off the debt of their “fellow citizens.”

And they have the gall to cry “foul” whenever a socialist policy is offered! They pay a little more in tax and whine and take their money and their companies overseas, even though they are making money hand over fist and enjoy reserves of money larger than ever! While the average American must fight a lifelong war with debt, the cloud people complain that they cannot make as much profit as they demand! They can only make $9 billion a year instead of $10 billion!

What America’s financial Fuehrers leave out is that what they pay in tax, proportionally, does not even come close to comparing to what the average American pays in interest, over the course of a year, over the course of a debt, over the course of a lifetime!

If interest rates were not low now because of various weak economic factors, someone who bought a home for $200,000 would, in the end, pay $600,000 for it. In other words, over the course of 30 years one would pay twice as much in interest as the cost of the home itself! You get to enjoy 30 years of financial servitude. Yay!

So now Donald Trump is calling out these anti-American bastards, not on everything, mind you, but they fear that he will rain on their selfish party. He wants to bring manufacturing back to the United States and jobs to Americans, something the quisling cloud people don’t want! In fact, they will tell us over and over again that it cannot be done! They will scream it and say that we must get used to the way things are now.

And because Donald Trump will rip their faux world apart, they want to stop him. Stop him and crush him. They even are willing to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. After years of telling us how evil she was, they are willing (just look at the traitorous Koch brothers, for example) to support her presidential bid, de facto if not de jure.

Why? Why would any so-called Republican or conservative do that?

The reason is: they don’t care about the Republic. They care about their own selfishness. They care about their own money. They care about their financial liberty and about your financial servitude. Hillary will not interfere with them. She has her own self-enrichment going on, so they are, tacitly, for her.

They are lying, selfish, greedy bastards who want everything for themselves and financial slavery for you. Work! Work! Work your whole life to pay off the money you owe them for your house, your car, your schooling, your privilege of existence! They own you!

It’s hilarious!

They preach liberty, but they mean their own liberty, not yours. And they cover it all with the golden mantles of “freedom” and “free market” and “America” and “opportunity” to get you thirsting and craving for a piece of the pie, knowing full well that only a small percentage will ever make any kind of transition in such a controlled economy.

The quisling Republicans and conservatives will fill you with pap, a kind of material spiritism, to tell you that “market forces” are creating our economic situation.

Bullshit! They are creating the “market forces”. It’s time for a new conservatism and a new Republican Party!

Donald Trump is the first person in a very, very long time to come along and identify the corruption and the riggedness of the system, political and economic.

Wittingly or not, Trump has been peeling away the layers of bullshit, and the quislings like Will and Kristol and Lowry and the anti-feminine assclowns at Fox News and the Koch brothers don’t like being naked and exposed. It endangers their power, their iron grip on America and on American lives!

Like old, withering men, they will not stand to have their power and control threatened. They will betray what America is really about, including the Republican Party, and even destroy that party so they can sabotage Trump’s candidacy and remain the country’s financial Fuerhers!


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