Trump Reveals the Hypocrites


I am so glad for the reality of Donald Trump! I am so glad for his advent onto the American political landscape! Nobody, or nothing, has revealed the corruption and rottenness, the cancer, that afflicts the American political system like Donald Trump and the establishment’s reaction to him.

Like moralizing imams, Crooked Hillary and her army of political pundits are rejoicing and screaming at the top of their lungs about Donald Trump’s taxes. I’m laughing. Let them screech and howl and wag their bony fingers at the Donald, hypocrites that they are. After all, if Donald Trump was able to pay zero taxes for the last two decades or so, and do so legally, then the problem isn’t Donald Trump. The problem is the tax system!

Crooked Hillary was a senator for, I don’t know, far too long. That makes it interesting to hear her moralize about paying a fair share of tax when her tenure was marked by not one whit of concern about or reform of the national tax scheme. The establishment, Republicans and Democrats alike, have allowed and supported such a scheme for decades, knowingly enabling the wealthy to escape sometimes any share of the tax burden. So to hear Hillary wail about the Donald, or the other moralizing imams, like Chuck Todd, knead up their righteousness and bark out their questions, can do little more than stimulate roaring laughter.

I can hear or see the headlines now in a big red and white banner or scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen repeatedly: “New questions about Trump’s zero tax payments.” “Breaking news: Trump hasn’t paid a dime of tax in 15 years.” That breaking news headline will run for several days, by the way, like it will just keep breaking. “Hillary demands Trump apologize to America for paying no taxes.”

Then the pundits will get critical analysts like, say, the Hillary campaign manager, or a spokesman from the Jeb! Bush campaign still stewing in bitter defeat, or Ted Cruz’s father, to comment on it all. It’s hilarious. No, it’s Hillaryous! Everyone will look stern and moral, imam-like, and finish with a dour pronouncement of incredulity that Trump has made this campaign so, what’s the word, evil!

Forget that the tax system was built and sustained to do just what Trump used it for and has been safeguarded for years by all the politicians from both parties!

And thank God for Hillary that she made so much money from the Clinton Foundation and from secret Wall Street speeches she is too ashamed to release the transcripts of that no amount of tax could make a dent in her influence peddling self-enrichment schemes!

It’s grand, I tell you, to hear liars decry others for lying. To hear cheaters decry others for cheating. To hear hatefaces decry others for hating.

Hateface Hillary and her moralizing imams – so glad to see and hear their hypocrisy in full bloom!


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