Trump Stuns Clinton, Wins Second Debate!


Donald Trump fought hard and earned an astonishing victory in the second presidential debate in St. Louis Sunday night.

Trump absorbed the huge media-assisted attack Hillary launched on a video and audio tape filled with alpha male locker room talk, admitted his speech was wrong, apologized, and demonstrated contrition.

Then Trump moved on to issues and to Hillary’s record and character, and he demolished her. He said she should be in jail and will if he is elected, mocked her patently obvious lie about Abraham Lincoln she concocted to cover for what she really told to her Wall Street masters during her secret speeches, and brought to the forefront her career of failure as a senator, as a secretary of state, as someone who cherishes only her own ambitions, and that she will not change anything.

(Megyn Kelly trying to force her opinions on Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson. She even asked her if the rumors of Mike Pence leaving the ticket over the video were true… after she and Bret Baier reported that Mike Pence tweeted that Trump had won the debate and he was proud to be on the ticket with the Donald. Try to be professional, Megyn. You’re not acting professional just because you challenge Trump.)

Hillary stuttering and stammering through her Abe Lincoln lie was particularly telling. She hadn’t prepared for it and packaged it like so many of her other canned answers, so she wasn’t able to hide her dishonesty as she usually does.

Hillary did score points early in the debate when she had the opportunity to present her well-rehearsed diatribe about Trump’s locker room talk. If you examine the debate carefully, it was really the only time she was on the offensive. She pinned the entire debate on the video, hoping to deliver a knockout punch that would end Trump’s candidacy once and for all. To be sure, it was a hard punch, but, to further the boxing analogy, Trump’s tough chin took it, and after wobbling in the natural embarassment he surely knew was coming, Trump regrouped and took over the contest.

That’s when Trump counterattacked and smashed Hillary’s defenses, clearly defining the difference between his locker room talk and Bill Clinton’s actual, tangible sexual predations, and Hillary’s enablement of them, her vicious efforts to crush Bill’s victims, and her support for the rapist of a 12-year-old in a case she lawyered. No clearer example of hypocrisy has ever been manifested in a presidential debate!

And Trump smashed her on her criminal handling of the emails she deleted and then acid-washed so no one could know what they were and how she had exposed our national security secrets.

All she could do was deny, deny, deny without any offer of any facts to support her denials, because there are no facts to support her. She couldn’t even offer details about what she had done for the last 30 years except for vaguenesses like, “I want to invest in you.” So we have $20 Trillion in debt, she wants to raise taxes, but she wants to spend more, too. ??? Something isn’t adding up.

Trump also overcame biased moderators who challenged him but not Clinton.

We’ll cover more at some point tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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