Paul Ryan, Defector


Fox Business Channel is reporting that House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won’t campaign with or for Donald Trump but will work to get fellow Republican congressmen elected or re-elected.

Is that a principled decision? It’s impossible to know at this point. I hear Ryan is a good man, but saying someone is a good or righteous politician seems so oxymoronic. At any rate, what is the point of refusing to support his party’s presidential candidate while supporting the congressmen?

The effort by many Republicans to “distance” themselves from Trump will only result in massive legislative and judicial defeat and the further compromise of our national integrity. Sharks may want to feast on the juicy sexual morsels Clinton and her NBC allies have tossed at the public in the short term, but what will Americans have to endure in the long term?

The media will continue to lie to citizens. Hillary will appoint pro-baby killing, anti gun rights jurists to the supreme court. Minorities will receive special treatment and the majority will get left behind. More Muslim terrorists will be allowed into the country, wittingly or unwittingly, and more Muslims generally, who do not fit in to our American ideals, will be allowed in to stew in a culture and legal system they cannot stand. More illegal immigrants will be allowed to enter illegally. The country will change so swiftly, you won’t recognize it any more. That had already begun, and people like Hillary don’t care what that means to the average American, because they roam about in a select social stratosphere. Jobs will continue to flee the country because global American corporations don’t care about Americans but only their idol, the dollar. That loss of jobs will be exacerbated by jobs lost to robots and by tax hikes. More people will have to be financed by welfare and by government health care programs, and that means more average Americans without money or their own financial foundation and without their self respect but reliant on the strict hand of government and the high class that controls it.

The rigged system that has shown cracks in it because of the candidacies of Trump and Sanders, will re-solidify and perhaps become impregnable. You will be controlled, and you will actually go along with it.

It is sad to say, but Republicans and so-called libertarians do not offer workable solutions that will maximize the liberty of the common American. In the old days, the semi-rural days, they might have worked. In today’s mass mechanization, mass production, digitized, only-the-dollar-matters society, only those who have the economic resources can maximize their liberty. When corporations possess the ability to forsake their country and sense of civic duty and place investors on a pedestal, liberty lies forsaken. That’s why intellectual hacks like Bloomberg can advocate keeping guns out of the hands of common Americans while they are surrounded by gunmen armed to the teeth.

So you have Democrats and Republicans working for the same goals, essentially. If Trump isn’t elected, the trade partnership and similar treaties will be approved and more immigrants allowed, and jobs will fly to foreign countries with only the cheapest jobs here. And remember, when high tech jobs are available, Dems and Repubs work together to create H1-B visas that allow Americans to be fired and foreigners hired.

Sooner or later you will feel that impact. Americans did not want the metric system imposed on them. Look what’s happened, though. The government and corporations are forcing it on us anyway.

They even lie when they say, “Look how many private sector jobs have been created!” The question is, who is being allowed to fill them.

It is easy to go on, but it becomes so depressing.

What Trump said in the video was wrong, and maybe there is more, maybe there isn’t. But if a citizen does not vote for him and Pence because of a feeling in the moment, what are the Democrats and the Republicans going to do to our country?

In a sense it won’t be them. It will be YOU. It will be you, because you elected someone who says she tells the truth but doesn’t, who says she’s fighting for you but isn’t, who says she stands for women and gays and Hispanics and blacks but stands only for the rhetoric that gets her votes, who says she doesn’t want nuclear weapons to proliferate but helps write a treaty that guarantees Iran will build nuclear weapons, who blames the Russians for hacking into American organizations, like the DNC, but takes no responsibility nor apologizes for the rigged system she constructed to defeat Bernie Sanders and the democratic vote.

Are you that easy to mislead? Hillary and the media think so.

It’s up to you.


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