Voters Having Trouble with the Video


While I think most experts would confess that Trump won the second 2016 presidential debate in St. Louis Sunday night, it must be admitted that the release of the video with Trump’s salacious comments has cast a dark shadow over voter assessments of his performance.

I noticed the CNN poll of the second debate showed Hillary won by a sizable percentage of votes, even though she clearly faltered, and in contrast to its result for the first debate, when she performed better.

The Drudge Poll reflected the impact of the video, too. Its poll of Trump’s first debate performance showed something like 80 percent of those who cast a vote thought Trump won the first debate. Only 60 percent thought he won the second, in which he delivered a superior performance in comparison to the first, and, in my opinion, outperformed Hillary.

People have a long history of discomfort and ickiness in regard to revelations of sexual or verbal misconduct, even people who are or have been sexually naughty themselves. Without denying the moral dimension. I think the practical effect, the emotional effect, will be a lot for Trump to overcome. I believe there are good reasons for voters to consider the weightier matters that can impel them to support Trump and Pence and their policies, but I understand the emotions that may blockade many voters from further consideration of the Trump ticket.

I am not saying that is the way to go. I’m saying I understand.

I will address this moral and emotional dimension in another post. For now, it must be admitted that many voters are having a hard time with what they have heard, whether I or anyone else agrees that they should or not.


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