Media Dishonesty Continues


The dishonest media barrage against Donald Trump and his bid for the presidency continues. The self-appointed monitors of righteousness continue to make a mountain out of the mole hill of locker room talk on a secret videotape. They follow the lead of Big Mother, the crone, Rotten Crooked Hillary, who should be singing from behind bars.

Unfortunately, too many voters can be duped. They will focus on sensationalism, pushed repeatedly by the media as if it amounted to anything, while the media ignores the substance of Hillary’s criminality and incompetence: vicious intimidation of sexual assault victims, reckless and criminal violation of the laws of handling classified information and both intelligence and presidential protocols, and causing, by reckless neglect, the deaths of an American ambassador and three Americans protecting him, and persistent, committed lying to the American public and a hiding of her corrupt relationships with greedy Wall Street.

Today MSNBC is running ticker tape “reports” that Trump’s “objectification of women” disqualifies him from becoming president. Really? Some bad language and objectification of women disqualify Trump in an election about Muslim terrorism, illegal immigration, massive job losses and personal and public debt, trade deals that facilitate job losses and loss of financial strength among common Americans while benefiting a few wealthy.

At least half the country objectifies men and women, and probably much more than that. And you can hear as filthy or filthier language at our deteriorating high schools.

Should women be objectified? No. Should we employ filthy language? No. But the sound and sight of Big Mother Hillary Clinton wagging her finger at Trump and everyone else to declare her self-righteous judgment is sickening enough to make one use such filthy language!

If that is the society and the country you want, Christian law replaced by Hillary’s profane social engineering law of fascist feminism, the entrenchment of special wealthy interests to the crushing of the common man and his loss of all self respect, and endless pandering to every minority she can find to the alteration of our genuine, long-held American values, then vote for the most corrupt candidate in American presidential history: Hillary Clinton.

Go Trump!


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