The Growing Character of Donald Trump


I cannot help but notice and be wowed by the character Donald Trump has manifested these past few days. The man has been through hell. Hillary and her NBC acolytes have been throwing every flaming dart they could lay their greasy hands on, and they dredged up an 11-year-old recording the media giant knew it had and catapulted it like a gargantuan stone, hoping to bludgeon Trump and his candidacy to death.

By every right, Trump could have stayed on the ground and allowed himself to be counted out. He could have quit. He could have said, “I give up”, like many of his fellow, so-called Republicans who have gathered around him like the Pharisaical self-righteous ones who gathered around the adulteress to hurl their stones.

Let him who has no sin be the first to cast a stone.”

Do you remember that scripture? Jesus – Yeshua – spoke it to every man and woman whose self-righteousness was spilling out of his and her soul, the crowd of rabid self-righteous ready to kill the adulteress!

She had violated the law! She had offended their sensibilities. She had broken the norms of their culture! She had betrayed her husband! She merited death!

Yet the words of Yeshua sucked the self-righteousness right out of them: “Let him who has no sin be the first to cast a stone.”

Do you remember that, if you ever heard it, Pharisee high priestess Hillary? Do you remember that, Sanhedrin NBC and your army of sighing and derisive propagandists from Mika Brzezinski to Stephanie Ruhle to Fox’s Megyn Kelly to all the other bought-and-paid-fors? Do you remember that, John McCain? Do you?

Let him who has no sin be the first to cast a stone.”

This particular post, however, is not about the candidacy killers. It’s about a man who has faced one truth – he spoke crudely and lecherously 11 years ago – and a mountain of collateral untruths to spin it and hammer it into his political coffin; it’s about Trump picking himself back up despite the buzzards set to feast on him.

Donald Trump has endured the derision of self-righteous women who have totally ignored or forgotten their fellow women who were actually victims, not of words, but of Hillary and Bill’s naughty misdeeds; self-righteous left wingers; illegal immigrants who shouldn’t even be here; self-righteous right wingers and Republican sellouts, and a cast of thousands that has included foreigners.

Isn’t it almost funny how the media has evinced no concern that 1. politically correct British officials slammed Trump, 2. a former Mexican president hurled profanity at Trump, and 3. the Chinese warned of ill effects if Trump were elected, all of them to influence the election; yet it has raged against allegations the Russians are trying to influence the election, especially – so it believes – after Russian cyber sleuths hacked into the DNC’s documents and revealed the system it had rigged for Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat nomination!

Not so democratic, eh?

Yet Donald Trump faced every American voter. He told them he had said terrible things. He admitted it. Then he apologized to every single American. He said he used to be one way but that he had changed since he had begun to campaign and meet different Americans.

That’s a man, recognizing when he’s wrong and doing something about it. That’s a person. That’s strength. That’s a leader.

You will never get that with Hillary.

I remember reading and watching documentaries about legendary Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi. He was an imperfect man. He used indelicate language frequently. He demanded excellence from himself, his staff, his players, and he could let his fury be known in unmistakable terms when he felt his team become weak, careless, or distracted.

He suffered in the press, where he was roasted as cruel and hateful. He was quoted, accurately, as saying, “Nothing stokes the flames like hate.” He wanted his players to play with all their heart, individual and collective, so he drove them and drove them and drove them and earned the disdain of the press.

His players loved him, though. The fans loved him. Americans loved him. One of his key beliefs he imparted to his players was something like this: it’s not about never falling down; it’s about picking yourself up after you’ve fallen down.

Donald Trump has done that. He has picked himself up. He has wiped off the mud slung at him, by himself for engaging in that behavior years ago and by the others so ready to condemn him.

He’s put on new clothes, worked out, and put himself back together, and he is ready to win and to lead.

I am amazed. My own spirits were flagging amid the media deluge designed to push voters in the direction the media masters wanted. In spite of all I knew in my head, my spirits flagged.

I saw the debate and – WOW – what a victory over Hillary! I have been watching his rallies and press conferences since and – WOW – how energized he is and how energizing and how energized the crowd is! How manly Trump is!

They see that Trump is new.

Hillary can pull out what she wants from the past. She has to because she is desperate. Hillary has to because, unlike Trump, she hasn’t repented. She isn’t sorry. She hasn’t changed.

Trump is new. Like a phoenix, he has risen from the ashes of any past misbehavior. Unlike Hillary, he hasn’t been talking about treating women with respect and equality, he’s been DOING it in his companies: equal opportunity, equal advancement, equal pay, including in executive positions.

While Hillary was secretly telling Wall Street overlords she had to dupe the public by telling the public something different from what she was telling them, the Wall Street overlords; Trump was acknowledging and providing women with the respect and equality they deserved. His spirit and thinking on that was already at work in his own business.

It’s amazing what Trump has come through and continues to come through. The weight of the stones thrown at him should have crushed him. They haven’t.

I want that kind of character and strength working for me and my country.

I want my president to be Donald Trump!


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