Trump Thumps Hillary in Final Debate


Donald Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on her dirty Clinton Foundation, her betrayal of support for women and gays by taking money from countries that mutilate women’s genitals and murder gays, her classified email transgressions, and the criticism of her own supporters about her bad judgment and bad instincts to win the third and final presidential debate for the 2016 campaign.

Exuding presidential confidence, Trump made a strong case for his plans to renegotiate crippling trade deals, lower taxes for everyone, create jobs and grow wealth, respect our laws and our Constitution, protect life, honor and grow our military, and keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the country.

Trump’s confidence and withering attacks took a visible toll on Clinton, who should have been well rested and prepared, as she flinched and struggled to hold a weak smile. As Trump bombarded her with facts, Clinton resorted increasingly to personal, ad hominem attacks on Trump, raising objections to an ad he placed four decades ago and claiming as true the unverified accusations of several women that he touched them inappropriately.

With her preparation and the experience she touts, especially as a lawyer, Hillary should have mastered Trump on the facts and on the issues. Instead, notwithstanding her ad hominem attacks and hollow campaign mantras, Clinton was increasingly at a loss for words to counter Trump’s critique of her deficient performances as a senator and as the secretary of state. In fact, Hillary stood without a peep of denial that she and other Democrats funded and fueled efforts to create violence at Trump rallies.

On domestic policy:

-Trump would favor expenditures for veterans versus Hillary’s favor of spending money for illegal aliens.

-Trump would appoint justices to the supreme court who would oveturn Roe v. Wade and in particular bloody partial birth abortions; Hillary wants to strengthen the right to kill.

-Trump would appoint justices who would respect and preserve the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment; Hillary double-talked about protecting the Second Amendment but also protecting life.

-Trump would build a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigration and prevent murderous radicals from entering the country; Hillary has been exposed as favoring “open borders” by the Wikileaks revelations, and then she lied about favoring open borders!

-Trump will spur economic growth with tax cuts, deregulation, new trade agreements, and returning factories and money back to America; Hillary wants to spend more money and raise income taxes on the wealthy but probably other kinds of taxes on middle and lower income wage earners.

-Trump denied the johnny-come-lately accusations of a few women propped up by political operatives; Hillary refused to return money from countries that shoveled at the Clinton Foundation, countries that persecute and oppress women and murder gays.

On foreign policy:

-Trump will renegotiate trade and nuclear deals, including one that restricts American weapons development while allowing the Russians to charge full steam ahead, and he will expect allies with strong economies to pick up their fair share of the costs of alliances; Hillary said it was important we cooperate with our allies to make them feel good.

-Trump will build our military might and drive tough bargains in international relations; Hillary simply stated Trump was dangerous, whatever that means.

-Trump will not let our enemies know what we are doing in advance; Hillary will, and that may prolong the cost in lives and finances to our actions… or inactions… around the world.

There is so much more but one key thing: Some in the media have gotten stuck on Trump’s refusal to say he will accept the election result and declared it a massive breach of American political tradition, humpty dumpties like Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams.

Thankfully, Former Secretary of Education William Bennett corrected Fox News by teaching them some history: There is a long tradition of not accepting election results, including by Al Gore.

Not to allow facts to get in the way, several newspapers, according to Fox News, are running with the headline that Trump would not say he would accept the election results (which don’t exist yet). Once more, this evinces the media bias, which in turn reflects the bias of the establishment elites, some of whom own the networks. The debate contained so much more, but the media is looking for something it can use to stop Trump, so connected are they to Hillary, one way or another.


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