If You Want a Job, Vote for Trump


Most Americans want to be and feel valuable. They derive their value by their adherence to their personal beliefs, the usefulness and excellence of the products they make or the services they provide, and by the amount of money which they make.

Which candidate offers the best hope and help to give Americans the opportunity to merit the self worth they want?

Donald Trump does. Why?

The reasons Donald Trump gives Americans the best hope and help to achieve their self worth are his business savvy and his successful experience financing and building his businesses.

How many years have Americans been saying it was time to get someone, not merely outside of the Washington establishment, but outside the profession of law to enter the political sphere and run it successfully because of his executive business experience?

Now we have that person, Donald Trump. His confidence, his strong leadership, his savvy, and his skill at executive administration have allowed him to negotiate the most profitable deals and to complete projects on or ahead of time at or under budget.

Can you imagine the benefits to us by having a person like that seize the reins of government? Would he not gain control over this beast of bureaucratic federal government and make it more efficient, profitable, and responsive to Americans?

Donald Trump is the sterling candidate to restore America’s dwindling economic fortunes.

Why isn’t Hillary Clinton that person?

Hillary has no business experience. She’s an ivory tower lawyer. She has no experience creating jobs. She has no experience completing projects on time and on budget.

Hillary has created an institution, the Clinton Foundation, which has been described as a vast money laundering machine that enables special foreign and financial interests to obtain government favors by enriching the Clintons. That’s good for her but does not help Americans.

Hillary wants more illegal aliens and Muslim refugees to come to the United States, and to keep here those who are already illegal. Those policies not only create a strain on public budgets, but they add huge numbers to the potential employment pool, which means job creation has a harder task keeping up with the growing numbers of available workers.

Add to that Hillary’s support, not merely for open borders, but for globalization, which means manufacturing plants will continue to close in the United States, making more Americans income-less, and reopen in foreign countries.

All those Hillary policies mean more unemployment and loss of money to spend!

Finally, Hillary wants to force on Americans a medical insurance program, Obamacare, whose costs will skyrocket by 25% in 2017 and will continue to rise in subsequent years. Yesterday, the White House acknowledged the impending cost increases.

Hillary Clinton’s plan will take away jobs from Americans, create a greater likelihood Americans will not obtain employment, create a few, low-paying, part-time jobs, make Americans pay more for medical insurance, likely raise taxes even on middle and low income Americans, and increase our national and public debt, all while enriching herself and a few wealthy friends.

Donald Trump’s plan calls for reducing taxes, reducing expenditures, creating more wealth for the average person, creating more jobs, creating more income, returning manufacturing to the United States, expelling illegal aliens, and keeping out bloody terrorists and their sympathizers, which creates public safety and a more stable business environment.

If having a job and making money to support yourself and your family are NOT important to you, vote for Hillary.

If you want a job, if you want an opportunity to make more money and to take care of yourself and your family, vote for Donald Trump.

It’s that simple. It’s that clear.


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