The Hillary-Obama Axis of Contempt for Americans



The Obama Pentagon has decided to rescind its demand that American soldiers return the re-enlistment bonuses they earned and had been promised.

Still, thousands of soldiers were stripped of millions of dollars, and it remains uncertain whether those who complied with the Scroogean order will get their money back.

The fiasco highlights the contempt in which Obama, his hoped-for successor Hillary, and some Democrats have held our valiant military men and women. In their eyes, it wasn’t enough that our young men and women had put their lives on the line for our country.

The Obama administration wants to squeeze our soldiers for a few extra bucks. They don’t mind spending billions of our tax dollars to fund illegal aliens and Muslim refugees, but they want to penny pinch our own citizens, demanding the return of bonuses and hoarding money from VA hospitals that suffer from gross inefficiencies.

Hillary will continue those erratic, imbalanced, anti-American policies. She will take money from veterans and soldiers and give it to illegal aliens and Muslims.

Donald Trump will stop that misfeasance. He will not fund people who are here illegally. He will not pay to relocate potentially violent Muslims to a democracy and Western culture that they hate.

What Trump will do is spend money to make VA hospitals take care of the men and women they were supposed to take care of in a timely, effective manner – veterans. He will pay and allow soldiers to keep the bonuses they were promised. Trump will NOT cheat them.

Does that not make sense? Aren’t our president and our government Constitutionally mandated to look out for the common welfare and defense of our citizens?

The answer is, “Yes!”

Is our government supposed to take care of the citizens of other countries? Is that a Constitutional mandate?

The plain and simple answer: “No, it is not!”

Was not the whole point of the American Revolution to liberate ourselves from a dictatorial monarchy that not only failed to look out for all its subjects but made those subjects feel like they were NOT subjects.

Now Hillary and Obama make American citizens feel like they should be second class to foreigners, and the disturbing duo claim they are representing “American values” to con Americans into feeling guilty about demanding their government look out for them first.

They are not telling Americans the truth. How do we know? We know because America has NO tradition of encouraging ILLEGAL immigration. None. Yet they cunningly omit the word ILLEGAL when they speak of immigration. The only tradition America has encouraged is LEGAL immigration. Bring your poor and your tired LEGALLY.

When you don’t have a conscience, and when you see illegal immigrants as votes who can overwhelm the votes of real American citizens, it is easy to lie. That’s what Hillary and Obama do.

You are being conned, fellow citizen!

Vote for the candidate who stands for Americans and America, not the candidate who despises the military and puts foreigners first.


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