Hillary’s Emails Found On Yucky Computer


Even the skewed polls show it: Donald Trump has caught up to or is passing Hillary Clinton as the preference among voters. In a fairly, accurately executed poll, Trump is most likely leading Clinton, perhaps by a sizable margin.

And early voting might be propelling Trump into the White House already.

Just two days after new shockwaves from her reckless email practices, Hillary’s candidacy is cracking and sinking into the dirt, as far as voters are concerned. The abyss is widening, too, amid news the FBI has obtained a warrant to review the new cache of emails found.

Trump had already been making a comeback, but as the FBI resumed its investigation into her criminal mishandling of sensitive, classified national security information, Hillary’s poll numbers and favorability began to slide into a chasm, and Trump’s numbers began to climb a stairway to the heights.

It may not be fair, but with the FBI’s new angle of inquiry coming from the personal computer of Huma Abedin and her sex-crazed husband, former Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener, Hillary has been tainted once more by her personal and party association to man Trump calls “a sleazebag” and a man many people consider perverted in one way or another.

Wiener deserves the benefit of the doubt, and we confer our legal mantra upon his person: innocent until proven guilty. Yet Wiener is being investigated for inappropriate or sexual or perhaps pornographic communications with an underage girl via his computer. The FBI says it’s the same computer his wife, Huma, used to send and receive emails from Hillary.

The FBI will determine if the emails were and are classified and what light they shed on the question of Hillary’s national security breaches. In the meantime, voters feel a natural yuckiness about the proximity of their country’s national secrets to Wiener’s possibly surly, pornographic communiques and pictures.

Wiener gained notoriety while in office for sending pictures of his bulging or naked phallus to various females.

Known for her ruthlessness and pretense of piety, Hillary may throw Huma under the proverbial bus, if she thinks it’s necessary to save her own reputation and candidacy.

The thing is, more and more voters are feeling that it’s Hillary’s candidacy that should be thrown, not so much under a bus, but right at the grill of a speeding, oncoming 18-wheeler loaded to capacity!


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