A Vote for Trump Means Stability, Prosperity


As an American, I want to know that my president enjoys a heaping measure of common sense; a track record of good instincts, keen intuition, and sound judgment; and the ability to set and achieve beneficial, productive goals.

Donald Trump possesses those qualities. He has demonstrated a long history of negotiating deals with and against some of the smartest people on the planet, of acting cooperatively and diplomatically to achieve his ends, and of putting together the machinery of an effective organization.

The proof lies in his multi-billion dollar business successes. His most recent one became the new hotel he built within a stone’s throw of the White House. He finished the project ahead of time and under budget.

Can we not use that kind of expertise and effectiveness in the restoration of our economy, our public infrastructure, our military vitality, and our political strength? Do we not, in fact, need just that?

The unproven calumnies about contrived indecent acts Trump committed against a few women do not and cannot take away from those qualifications, chiefly because most people, understandably uncomfortable with what they heard and perhaps still tinged with some doubts and suspicions, don’t really believe them. In fact, had Trump not made some foolish, sophomoric comments 11 years ago that were surreptitiously recorded, not even a cursory basis for the alleged indecent acts would exist.

Hopefully, the rough campaign Trump has endured is teaching him a broader and more profound circumspection by which he will conduct himself with greater rectitude and by which he will value and make his own the desires and goals of a disenfranchised and deeply frustrated American citizenry.

While Trump exhibits the ability to change and to reinvent himself, Hillary Clinton remains a monolith. Years of practice have allowed the habits of self-aggrandizement, of rebellion against decency and morality, of reckless scandal, and of criminal behavior to take firm root in her nature.

Hillary Clinton will never change. She would bring a tenure of scandal, criminality, endless investigations, and nonstop banner headline reporting on her into the lives of Americans weary of her wrongdoing and pretentious piety.

How many times will Hillary Clinton blame others for her actions and the endless scrutiny they bring? Even now she and her mindless minions blame FBI Director James Comey because he announced investigators had found new emails on a device that neither Clinton nor her top aide, Huma Abedin, told investigators about previously.

Does that not fit a pattern of lies and deceit? Clinton and her staff were not forthright about the extent of the national security email violations, choosing instead to destroy or omit evidence. The only reason the new emails were discovered is because the FBI was investigating Abedin’s husband, Anthony Wiener, in an unrelated sex case.

If you want four more years of personal financial weakness, of political and social turmoil and division, and of scandals, cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you want four years of personal financial strengthening, of a revitalized economy, of a stronger military, and of an American government that responds to and represents the interests of its citizens and veterans, and not those of illegal aliens, vote for Donald Trump.


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