It’s Hillary’s Fault


Sometimes we do not want the light spotted on us. We prefer the spotlight draw attention elsewhere, particularly to someone else who is doing wrong so that our sin is not exposed or given attention.

Such is the case in this 2016 presidential race. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who boasted she had built herself a resumé of accomplishment, has discovered during the rough and tumble of an actual campaign that merely having a job or a title does not make a person qualified for his or her next job. A jobholder has do do something significant, something significantly good, or better, a series of significantly good things.

Instead, Mrs. Clinton, while touting her experience, has become aware that the objective evaluation of her performance differs vastly from her perception of that performance in her politically motivated appointment.

Worse, her argument that she performed admirably has been blocked out by the deafening thunder of her national security transgressions. She has been left to shout and scream that the FBI is interfering in her election, that the Russians are interfering in her election, and that nobody is spoiling Donald Trump’s election in this post-Access Hollywood moment. Where are her media collaborators?

She and they are, of course, trying to turn the spotlight elsewhere. The truth is that she is responsible for turning the spotlight on in the first place. Handle your national security emails properly and lawfully, and you don’t have a problem. Take them off your job site for your “convenience”, and you expose them to the computerized hacking of foreign powers, allow them storage on additional devices at additional places that are off your job site and away from care and security, and make a mess of doing your job.

Then comes the criminal investigation, as it should, a faux exoneration, and then more criminal investigation when it becomes clear, despite your best efforts to “wipe” the evidence and eliminate the devices carrying it, your transgressions, and those of your staff, were more egregious than first contemplated.

It’s true we do not know yet what the 650,000 emails ensconced in the virtual world of Anthony Wiener’s computer will tell us (though the sheer volume does not bode well). That does not permit Mrs. Clinton to cry “foul”. She created this mess. She created the mishandling and violations of law willfully and intentionally.

Mrs. Clinton gave us her intention when she declared that she wanted to make life more “convenient” for herself, merging her government business communications – the people’s business, mind you – and her personal communications into one account so that she, and not the government for whom she worked, could exercise sole control for whatever ends, good or bad, she saw fit.

Hillary Clinton placed herself above the people whose interests she was hired to protect in the role of an agency head.

She failed to do her job. She failed the people.

So don’t blame FBI Director James Comey that he had to reopen the investigation he thought was closed because his agents found what appears to be more of your emails. Your reckless placement of national security affairs and classified material on your personal, private server stashed in the basement of your Chappaqua, New York, home was your fault. Because you and your staff connected to your private, personal server, instead of doing all your business on secure government servers like you were supposed to, national security and classified emails are all over in places they should never have been.

Please don’t blame the Russians either, even if they did meddle. If the media, which has been aiding and abetting your campaign and trying to sink your opponents’, had done their job and reported and investigated objectively and completely, we would not have needed the Russians and Wikileaks. Had law enforcement been doing its job, we would not have needed the Russians or Wikileaks.

The shame – your shame, Mrs. Clinton, and ours – is that the Russians had to teach us that you behaved very, very badly, that you were crooked, and that you have been using every cheating and dirty trick in your power to win your party’s nomination and to win a presidential election for which you don’t even deserve to be running.

So if your quest for convenience has come back to haunt you, if your own haughty defiance of law and procedure has returned with a vengeance to devil your campaign at a most inopportune time, look in the mirror and point a bony finger at the withered image you see.

It’s your fault, Hillary Clinton! Blame no one else. It’s your fault!


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