How Fragrant and Musical Is Victory!



Ah! The sweet sounds of Victory! The sweet smells of Victory!

Small, angry protests have been breaking out across the country, the lamentations of the losers, usually in fairly liberal cities, sparked by the ultra left wing extremists of community organization.

Rock and bottle throwing and some setting of fires have been accompanying the dithyrambic displays. Some 225 persons have been arrested, according to one report.

Their complaint: Mr. Donald Trump won the presidency, fair and square, and that is unacceptable. That is to them, mind you.

The smoke rising from the burning effigies of Mr. Trump emit such a sweet, incensial fragrance! Likewise, the polyphony of wailing and shouting by those who did not get their errant way seems like a symphony! The wild policies of de facto open borders, illegal immigration and an invitation to terrorism, benefits for the illegals, refugees, and the shiftless, are about to be dismantled, stacked high on a rubbish heap, and disintegrated in a firestorm of renewal, if Mr. Trump keeps his promises.

So, so sweet! We can begin to breathe again!

The people who are NOT Americans, and their allies among deluded citizens, do not want Mr. Trump as their president. Of course, he cannot be, because they are not Americans. Mrs. Clinton could not have been their president, either, even though they may have slipped in more than a few votes for her.

Therefore, we shout in agreement with them: “Mr. Trump is not your president!” We would just add that he is OUR president, and that they can “Get out!”

Yes, return to your own countries, illegal immigrants and refugees, and compel THEM to fulfill their duty to you, which is to provide political, economic, and security services to you. Such is NOT the burden of the government of these United States. We are not merely weary of assuming that burden, we are angry that it was imposed on us by oily leaders who sought the benefit only of the elites.

Mr. Trump should worry about the only protests that matter: those of we the people who voted for him, if he fails to deliver on the reasons we voted for him.

Now that could get ugly, if it were to happen, and it is the danger that lurks as Mr. Trump seeks counsel and cabinet members from among those who hail from the very establishment we voted to throw out.

Choose wisely, Mr. Trump, and be the man you said you were and would be.


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