Trump Saves Carrier Jobs


Give a man credit when credit is due him. President-Elect Donald Trump just saved 1,000 jobs at the Carrier Air Conditioning plant in Indiana. They will stay in American and not relocate to Mexico. Carrier made the announcement Tuesday. An official announcement will be made at a press conference Thursday at the Indiana plant.

Trump has already begun to keep his campaign promises.

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, the outgoing governor of Indiana, played a key role in the negotiations held at Trump Tower over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Details of the deal are yet to be unveiled, but the astonishing announcement by Carrier, which had been hellbent on shuttering the plant, heralded a remarkable achievement for a man who hasn’t even been sworn in as president yet.

One thousand people once wondering how they were going to provide for their families can now revel in the feast of financial security. They had been looking at a dearth of opportunity in their neck of the broken down Rust Belt, a Midwest and Middle Atlantic region of hard working factory men and women abandoned by corporate flight to dirt cheap Third World countries.

So while members of the Sissy Generation stumble into their professors’ offices, wailing and sobbing about Donald Trump getting elected, vowing to either kill themselves or move to another country (please, someone help them get the visas they need!), the man they vilify just kept their parents, or their neighbors’ parents, working, and quite likely will continue to do so, going even further to make sure that when those students are out of school, they have a menu of jobs from which to choose.

Something to think about as you wipe away your tears with a tissue.

Heartfelt message to The Donald: keep keeping jobs in the US and create new ones, please! Thank you!


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