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How Voters May Want to Assess the Reported Russian Hack


Here’s how voters may want to assess the reported Russian hack:

1. What is being reported:

a. the Russians hacked both Democrat and Republican servers and/or computers.

b. the Russians only released what they found out about the Democrats b/c they wanted Hillary Clinton to fail and Trump to be elected.

c. Trump “knew before election day” the Russians had hacked the servers but no date specified.

d. The GOP knew it had been hacked by Russians.

e. CIA releases “report” to confirm those claims as “high confidence” and follows with assertion they know Putin was directly involved.

f. Election outcome not affected (even president says so) but electoral process meddled with.

g. Calls for investigations and response.

Whether you are glad Trump got elected or upset that Hillary did not win, I don’t think any of us wants election meddling by a foreign power. However, we also do not want a few individuals and groups – an oligarchical establishment – to wield the excessive power they do to hack and hijack our elections either.

Yet the 2016 presidential primary and general election campaigns bore testimony to just such excessive power. That America’s plutocrats and politicrats and their organs of disinformation failed demonstrated two things. First, their failure cast light on the hardships and mighty struggle of the common American and his distrust of the way things weren’t working for him, because they weren’t intended to. Second, it cast light on the establishment’s unpreparedness for Trump’s unique candidacy and politicking.

Bet on the establishment to work overtime to figure out that candidacy and that politicking and to adapt to it so they do not experience a second defeat of their purposes.

Voters must ever be vigilant and ever make their will known with zeal and industry. Every side in the establishment is out to mislead you, to lie to you, and even to use the truth against you and for themselves. I have never forgotten a line from The Exorcist in which Father Merrin, the aging, veteran exorcist, tells young Father Karras, who barely believes what is happening, to beware when they are in the room facing evil directly because it is most dangerous when it “mixes truth with the lies.”

How does all this apply to the Russian hack?

Whether you supported Hillary Clinton or not, the truth is the establishment wanted her because Trump threatened their rule and security, even though he himself was a billionaire. The plutocrats and politicrats and their organs of disinformation (nearly every major media outlet) labored exhaustively to laud Clinton and disparage Trump and to shape the way voters thought.

I’m a Cold War Kid, so I hate the Russians. In this context, that term means the old style Russian government, military, intelligence, and media operations in play by Putin, a former KGB agent. I do not mean the Russian people, who are tough and have borne their share of hardship and war. I do not want the Russians to hack servers and computers in our public or private sectors. The United States should respond, quietly, surgically, effectively. Perhaps we already have.

While the Russians acted illegally and for their own purposes, if in fact they performed the hack, American citizens did benefit. We got to see what Clinton, many of her top aides, and other important Democrats genuinely thought about we common Americans and the policies they wanted to put into play and their collusion with the media. I was appalled. I can’t think of enough words to describe the lack of integrity among people who should have borne the highest integrity: hypocrisy, duplicity, prejudice, bias, ill will, and an utter disregard for the truth and the benefit of Americans and our culture.

Now gulp down this dose of Reality: The Russians aren’t the only ones who hack. As citizens, we have been hacked by our own spy agencies and huge, greedy corporations and tech behemoths who believe our personal business is their business and their right. The fingerpointing and cries against the Russians are the highest hypocrisy of the establishment and its lying media disinformers, all which endorse and/or perpetrate spying on the American people.

The Russians have an excuse: they can say they are our enemies or competitors in the global marketplace. But Google, Verizon, Microsoft, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, Samsung (a Korean company), Facebook, to name a few, are spying on us and collecting and keeping data on us for their own insidious, selfish, greedy purposes, and seeking to control us. They are destroying the fabric of privacy and human decency and of American life. Frankly, their intentions are evil and they act evilly. They are anti-God because they want to become God. They think they need and deserve to know all about everyone. And legislators don’t give a damn because they are bought and paid for. They are traitors. There is no American dream any more, just an American nightmare.

The presidential race of 2016 may be our last or one of our last free elections. We have a far worse problem than the Russians, and it comes from inside the country and our souls. Clinton was not the answer this country needed. Maybe Trump won’t be either. We can only hope in God and band together as common American citizens to secure our future and the future of our posterity as our Forefathers intended.


House Republicans: Include “Buy America” Provision!


Press reports this week in Bloomberg and Salon state that House Republicans stripped a “Buy America” requirement out of their version of an infrastructure bill. The requirement stipulated the bill’s projects use iron and steel mined and produced in the United States; thus, it would greatly benefit American workers and the iron and steel industries.

The version passed by the Senate contained the “Buy America” requirement, so the two chambers will have to hash out a compromise.

The articles from both news outlets failed to explain the motivation for the House Republicans’ move. Both offered no comment from President-Elect Donald Trump nor even a mention they had asked but were not given comment or replied to, though both contained salvos from House Dems about Trump’s alleged silence. That’s deficient news reporting.

That said, I stand with the Dems on this one, as well as with Trump based on the statements he made during his quest for the presidency. I won’t condemn the House Republicans because I do not know yet their motivation. Perhaps they have spotted some hitch or glitch the Senate missed.

Make no mistake, though: I stand with the American worker and with our businesses and with our country. There can be little justification for steel bought from foreign countries, especially those with a track record of undercutting and hurting us: China and Russia. As a taxpayer, I am willing to pay more to keep my neighbors and fellow citizens employed, and the bill could contain a check on price gouging so native mercenary interests cannot plunder taxpayers.

So here’s a salvo across the bow of the House Republicans. I do not stand with you, necessarily, on your ideology or so-called “principles”. I believe in a rational maximum freedom defined by and directed to our common American interest, that which benefits the greatest number of American citizens in the most beneficial ways for the short and long terms.

I do not believe in an ivory tower ideal of maximum freedom of which only the wealthy and privileged and occasional lucky, hardworking peon can take advantage. When political, social, and economic freedom is maximized for all, the wealthy and privileged still enjoy the advantages they bring to the table. Those advantages must not negate the maximum freedom of the common citizen.

If citizens are truly free and fairly treated, as is their God-given right, the market will be free and fair.

The new york times Cuts Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump

The High Priest of the Dishonest Media, the new york times, conjured up a piece to tell the world what it and its like-minded friends think of Ivanka Trump. Can you guess?

The oily article appeared today as one of the curated items on MSN’s news feed. It was mislabeled “Will Ivanka Trump Be The Most Powerful First Daughter In History?”. 

It should have been headlined, “Will Ivanka Trump Be What We Want Her To Be… Or Will We Have To Keep Cutting Her, Figuratively, Of Course, Until She Heels – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!?”

I read the article until my mild chili bean lunch began to wend its way up my esophagus. I learned nothing about what it would take to become the most powerful first daughter in history. I did learn the opinions of the new york times and its like-minded elitists about Ms. Trump’s political views and business demeanor. In a sense, that was their idea of what it would take.

Suffice to say their opinions did not flatter the lovely Ms. Trump; they berated her. So passé! The election’s over, defeated Hillary and political correctness acolytes, so down the hatch with a shot of prolixin and chase it with a couple shots of whiskey. They can only help, although they will do nothing for your objectivity.

Sorry. That fossil’s dead and buried long ago under the basement of the new york times building. Who knows. It might have been alive yet when you all poured the cement over it.


The Pope Must Put Up Or Shut Up


Recently, I criticized the Catholic Church for its stand against the enforcement of our American immigration laws and the detraction hurled against Donald Trump by Francis, bishop of Rome. My main point begins in the middle of this post, but I want to review the background and lead-in for comparison to what I want to say.

One of the statements against Trump that Francis uttered was this: “And then, a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.”

If the pope’s statement sounds absurd, it’s because it is.

First, Trump did not say he only thinks about building walls and not building bridges.

Second, Trump did say he wants to build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration and stop the flow of dangerous, life-destroying drugs into the United States. Trump did not say he wanted to build any bridges, though one could assume it was implied in his desire to upgrade America’s infrastructure.

Which brings us to No. 3: the pope was equivocating literal and figurative senses of “building walls” and “building bridges”. Clearly, building a wall or building a bridge is neither a good nor an evil deed in and of itself. Building a literal bridge would not make you a Christian.

Fourth, nowhere does the Gospel condemn literal wall-building or name it as a determinant of whether one is a Christian or not. Nowhere. To everything there is a season: a time to build a wall, a time to tear a wall down.

Fifth, Trump will not figuratively build a wall, either. Legal immigration has been allowed and will continue. Trump will only try to stop illegal immigration, the inflow of illegal drugs, and the ills those two have imposed on our people.

While Francis butted in and fretted about the means Americans may employ to enforce their immigration laws, he has ignored astutely the massive, evil cancer that has metastasized throughout the Catholic Church over the years – and other churches and religions, too – the rape, molestation, and abuse of children by priests and religious and the clerical conspiracy to keep victims silent and to transfer the child molesting priests to places where they can hide them.

Any one of those can be a sin that threatens the damnation of the individuals involved and the destruction of the life of the church. The blind bishops err when they scheme to perpetuate the vicious rape of the innocents while condemning others for lesser sins or no sins at all.

That’s right, many of those bishops and priests previously involved continue to prey on children or help the perpetrators to flee. The church moves the offenders around, placing them in – get this – remote, third world countries where they can escape justice here and hunt and despoil more innocent children with less likelihood of detection and opposition there. Here is one resource:

They are your priests and bishops, Pope Francis, and by intention or recklessness, you continue to allow them to attack viciously the faithful children in your care! When are you going to do something about this!? Why do you keep silent on that!? Why do you shun the Gospel and do nothing about those rapists, those sexual fiends!? How will you answer to The Most High God at reckoning!?

The victims of unholy sexual violence rightly deserved the millions they received, but no amount of money can undue the perversions perpetrated upon them, yet you continue to nourish and cherish that evil. Are you the Church of Moloch, except that you incinerate the children spiritually instead of physically?

You let the sex fiends into the priesthood! They said they had a calling, and you believed them. They suckered you. They completely, totally suckered you in the sweetest, most pious, most mellifluous tones! They merely answered the call of their twisted desires, the call of the god of this world to destroy all that remains in any way good and innocent in our lives. They claimed they wanted to serve in persona christi when in fact they were anti-christ and would serve in persona diaboli, men without a moral mind, the lawless lurking in your own sanctuaries, wolves seeking the clothing of sheep so they could isolate and immolate the young and the weak and all hope!

Maybe you are the person who is not a Christian, Pope Francis, you who point bony fingers so indelicately at people you do not know or understand!

Here is my message to you, Francis: You better clean up your own house! You better end the satanic activity that swirls around your houses of worship and creeps about your schools. Not only should every single one of those frauds be defrocked, they should either be punished by the authorities at Vatican City or handed over to the civil authorities for punishment of their gruesome crimes against nature and innocence.

Do not rejoice, Protestants or Jews or Hindus or Muslims or atheists or any other religionists. You all possess the same problem and face the same general strategy. Satan attacks everyone, every single human being. We must all watch out as individuals, too.

I do not know whether Trump is a Christian or not. If we are going to measure Christianity by evil perpetrated, as well as evil aided and abetted, then I have to say I do not know whether you, Bishop Francis, are a Christian or not. Talk is cheap, as are words scribbled all over copious encyclicals. You can’t paper over evil with money. You hold yourself out as a spiritual leader. Time to put up or shut up.

We all have to take care of our own moral business.

God bless and rescue each of us from our personal hells, but especially those betrayed by religious or civic leaders in whom we placed our trust as little children.

No Compassion for Bad Thinking


An administrator at the Ohio State University has drawn outrage after a Facebook post she made in the wake of this week’s brutal attack of 11 people on campus.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson, the assistant director of resident life, wrote that people should have “compassion” for Abdul Artak Ali Razan, the 18-year-old Somali Muslim OSU student who ran over several pedestrians and cut and hacked at others when he went on a rampage Monday. All victims have survived.

Students and others became angry when they learned Thompson had expressed sympathy for the violent perpetrator of the terror acts. They want the university to fire Thompson or Thompson to resign, according to various reports. Others have expressed support for her.

A university police officer shot and killed Razan at the scene when he refused to obey orders to drop his knife and surrender. Bystanders took pictures of Razan’s body and circulated them on the Internet, and massive numbers of people rejoiced in the police officer’s actions and in the killing of the attacker.

Thompson’s Facebook post read, “If you think it is okay to celebrate his death and/or share a photo of his dead body, and I see it in my timeline, I will unfriend you. Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution.”

She included these hashtags: #BuckeyeStrong, #BlackLivesMatter, #SayHisName. #BuckeyeStrong refers to the sentiment of solidarity and shared grief among students, faculty, and staffers in the wake of the terror act. #BlackLivesMatter refer to the group that rails against police shootings of black persons whether they are justified or not. #SayHisName similarly refers to saying the name of the black victim of a police shooting and the perceived sense that police shoot blacks because as members of a different race they don’t know them.

Razan was black, and the Facebook page with Thompson’s comments has since been deleted.

Is compassion a proper sentiment to hold in relation to someone who tried to bludgeon and flatten people to death, then carve up a few more after he crashed his car?

Thompson erred in the thinking that produced her statements, and she displayed a gross insensitivity in her choice of when to make them.

First, compassion means to share in the sufferings of another, literally or figuratively, to pity what a person is undergoing. We cannot share in Razan’s alleged suffering because we do not know that he suffered at all and because, even if he had, we suspect his mind may have created a degree of suffering disproportionate to what he experienced.

Second, we cannot feel compassion for Razan because the “solution” to his suffering, to which Thompson so glibly alludes, stands as misplaced or disproportionate to the action he took. Attempting to kill people will not make Americans friendly to Islam or Muslims. Rather, attempting to kill people will make Americans hate Islam and Muslims.

If a person wants to raise his voice in protest, march in protest, or conduct some civil disobedience, that is one thing. If a person wants to run people over and slice and dice them, that is another, and Thompson should have grasped that.

Thirdly, we cannot feel compassion for Razan because he did not seek a positive way to remedy whatever inequities or social ills he perceived and which may have existed.

Razan claimed that the way the United States treated Muslim countries disturbed him and worried at how he would have been looked at if people had seen him pray in the open, which he wanted to do.

I would suggest the real problem for Razan and other violent terrorists and Islamics isn’t the way America or Americans treats Muslim, rather it is in his eyes that kuffars (infidels) seem to have a better life, greater advantage, and more leverage than Muslims: Muslims seem second class to the first-class kuffars when it should be the other way around in Muslim ideology.

It is precisely this bizarre reasoning and classism that has infiltrated and found purchase in Thompson’s thinking. Not content to contend for genuine cases of bad police shootings, Thompson feels that any police shootings of blacks is wrong, and that blacks as a class, even if they are engaging in criminal behavior, should not be shot at by police.

This is the burgeoning racism of the 21st Century to which Thompson adheres. Because they are black, blacks do not have to follow the law, and when they don’t, they must not suffer the consequences that anyone else would suffer. If a police officer shoots a black, particularly if it is a white police officer, then the officer is guilty of wrong. Thompson seems to live among those who think police officers, whites, Hispanics, and others, should offer themselves up on the altar of black privilege, because blacks have suffered. It is the only way to repay for past racial sins.

The argument is prima facie irrational and, frankly, stupid. It is racist.

The truth is that blacks, whites, Indians, orientals, Hispanics, etc., have been slaughtering and enslaving, not only each other, but their own for millenia. Blacks played a key role in the lucrative slave trade, such as the Dahomey, and willingly and eagerly sold their brothers and sisters into vile servitude. To this day, blacks slaughter each other across the whole continent of Africa, including Somalia, the country from which Razan hailed, a veritable cauldron of violence and death made the more so by the sulfuric tenets of Islam.

Razan came to this country after he and his family spent seven years at a refugee camp in Somalia.

Think about it: he and his family had to flee their Muslim homeland, probably because it was too dangerous to live there and the people were drowning in poverty. Razan’s family did not want to stay in another Muslim country, Pakistan, likely because their fellow Muslims didn’t want them: they would not tolerate the Somali refugees or provide them with opportunities to integrate and prosper, even though they held the same faith.

Instead, the Razans wanted to come to the Christian and Renaissance United States, America, land of the free and home of the brave, the land and people which gave Razan’s family a way to make a living and was giving Razan a chance to receive a university education.

In gratitude, Razan betrayed the security of his fellow students and faculty because of his warped, fantastical, bizarre, sick Muslim ideology. He tried to murder them.

No, Ms. Thompson, we are not going to feel compassion toward Razan. As a Christian I will pray for him. Within the context of what happened, of the choices Razan made, however, I am glad he is dead, that he was shot and stopped from further violence. I celebrate the end of an evil. It’s a natural human response. It is Razan himself who incited that response. It’s as much a gigantic sigh of relief as a celebration of joy.

Do I wish that Razan had been different or that he had made different choices? Yes. I wish he had chosen to respond with gratitude to the people and the country that took in him and his family instead of turning traitor on people who trusted him to be their neighbor in peace.

Do I feel pity for the people whose minds and hearts have been poisoned by Islam? Yes. It’s tough to liberate oneself from the beliefs and culture in which one was trained and raised. To one extent or another, we all have to go through that process of experience and exposure, of skepticism and self-reflection, of discovery, of growth. We have to emerge from the sea of culture, society, and religious belief in which we were raised to walk on dry land as our selves.

That is why America is a free market of ideas country. You can freely, emphatically, peacefully put forth your ideas and back them up with the facts you can find. You can try to persuade others but you cannot compel them to think as you do. You can vociferously critique or criticize others or yourself, and it isn’t a sin.

That isn’t tolerated in Muslim countries, but you are not in a Muslim country. If you try to change us by force, we will stop you by any and all means necessary. The only thing America does not tolerate is the subversion of what America is and stands for.

And for you, Ms. Thompson, you need to examine your own conscience and your support for any movement that blames police officers or white people for everything and exonerates blacks engaged in violent, criminal activity. The movement you support has spurred the mindless murders of police officers all across this country.

Each shooting is a discrete case. Where fear or prejudice is at work in one, we must end it. Fear and prejudice are as much a part of the black psyche as the white because it is an element of our humanity. If you were as compassionate toward police officers as you want to be toward a terrorist, maybe you could help eradicate the shootings you lament instead of promote them.

For that to happen, Ms. Thompson, you must improve and change your thinking.